Design Process: Adcon 2014 Day 2 Workshop

I made a list of the things that I learned and formed them into steps or design process that are all based on my experience in Adcon 2014. ADCON Day 2 We had a rough day at the Advertising Conference and Workshop. The first part was a quick talk with Chad Manzo. He is an award winning illustrator. He Read…

What’s With Typography?

After many research about good designs fit for business like those designs that really sell, I came up with this “typography” designs. I believe that typography has a much bigger impact to most customers because it directly and clearly sends the message to people. Customers or people who don’t study Read more […]

The First Touch , dragon, hiccup

Online Exhibit – First Year Collection

Hello everyone. This post will show you all my 2013-2014 school year artworks. I left the grades visible so that I can remember my mistakes and my progress. These are all traditional drawing/painting/craft works, we’re not yet starting with digital arts. There are other photos that are not in good Read more […]

4 Most recent artworks – December 2013

The first one, the aqueduct of segovia. This is a project for my “History of Art” subject. It was about roman art. And of course, for our “freehand drawing” subject, we enjoyed drawing selfies! I used mirror this time. Oh, I just love myself, lols! Hahaha. The third artwork, this is a group Read more […]

Design Fundamentals – Talking about Lines

Yes, our last lession for “Design Fundamental” subject was about lines. How you can create awesome and expressive drawings using lines. There are a lot of artists that create ‘expressive’ arts like Egon Schiele, Franklin Booth, and  Charles Reid. They made amazing drawings. I like Charles Reid’s Read more […]

First Month at School of Fine Arts

Hi guys!   I’ve been busy, SO busy in the past few weeks that I really have no time posting new updates about design, arts, beauty and even the new things I’ve learned – whether through experiment or through studying…   Anyway, I’d like to show some of the things that happened Read more […]

Visual Graphic Design Conference February 2013

February 9, 2013 at 11 AM, was the Visual Graphic Design Conference in SM Cinema 2 Cebu. My much awaited conference this year has finally happened, and today I will be sharing my experience to everyone! When I came to SM, it hasn’t started yet, and honestly, when there is a new conference like this…

He is Living in Me Christian Wallpaper

I am so inspired editing pics while listening to christian music. My sister is a musician, and I am an artist. I decided to use her simple picture in the family day, and then cropped it, used a different picnic blanket, and changed the background to a different one. A blurry effect using the lens…

Taylor Swift Wallpaper – Turned into Personalized Head Taylor and Me Wallpaper still using Adobe Photoshop

I really love this one. I am so inspired while I edited this because I just learned the liquify tool – a very easy useful tool that can edit the images, and I can even see the mesh of the images. When you open the Liquify tool,  simply select the image, then click windows>liquify The…