Great Digital Art Techniques and Styles You Need to Know

So you decided to become a digital artist? Well me too! What is it really about digital arts that made you decide to continue exploring its beauty? For me, I guess, it’s about the freedom to make anything possible in arts using digital things like the computer, tablet, camera, etc. Digital arts is Read more […]

The First Touch , dragon, hiccup

Online Exhibit – First Year Collection

Hello everyone. This post will show you all my 2013-2014 school year artworks. I left the grades visible so that I can remember my mistakes and my progress. These are all traditional drawing/painting/craft works, we’re not yet starting with digital arts. There are other photos that are not in good Read more […]

Accuracy, Organized thought, Passion to learn, and trust in God – Keys to better Plates

Everyday at school, I learn a lot of things. I don’t just learn about my specific field, I also learn things that are through experience. Things that aren’t directly taught at school, just realization of what happened and the things you think you need to use next time if you made a mistake. I did…

How I Manage to start my Drafting Subject

At first, I thought it’s gonna be a really fun, easy thing, haha! But, it did not turn out as what I’ve expected it to be….it’s kinda stressful at the same time, fun! I can say it’s fun because Drafting subject, or basic “Graphics” subject has a lot of measuring, using numbers and rulers, triangles,…

First Month at School of Fine Arts

Hi guys!   I’ve been busy, SO busy in the past few weeks that I really have no time posting new updates about design, arts, beauty and even the new things I’ve learned – whether through experiment or through studying…   Anyway, I’d like to show some of the things that happened Read more […]