Weekly Makeup Style June 9, 2013

And finally, this week’s looks! Puffy, smiling eyes, and fierce blonde. These photos are all inspired by Michelle Phan’s style. Fierce is originally mine, but I was inspired by Michelle’s new look “game of thrones” princess, she uses greyish colors to the eyes, but I used black on mine. The puffy Read more […]

Barbie Princess Photoshoot and Makeover – Spring Medley

Hi guys! Here I am again, copying Michelle Phan’s makeup styles, and adding my own style of course! So in this photoshoot session, I used Michelle Phan’s “Spring Medley” look. And of course, I used the “vivid” color on my cam, and set it to “Smile Detection” so that whenever I smile, camera will Read more…

Michelle Phan Inspired Looks – KPOP Hair – Dimples Contouring

Kpop Michelle Phan Look Oh my goodness, I just loved Michelle Phan’s videos. I am a Michelle Phan’s Fan!!! So here are the kpop looks inspired by Michelle’s tutorials.     For this picture, I used a bangs/hair extension. It’s actually my sister’s hair extension, but I just loved using it Read more […]

Street Photoshoot Session – Blue KPop Makeup Look

Here is our experiment of the kpop style makeup, but I made sure to master the cat-eye style…..it’s really difficult at first…it’s like I am sketching something. But it’s really worth it. The result is so gorgeous! Check out the photos we took with my sister! I added a blue outfit. The makeup Read more…

Fashion Tips and Resources 2012

There are a lot of resources about fashion on the internet. This blog will talk about resources we can get, ideas we can learn, and things we can use to have a good fashion style everyday. Youtube.com – Let’s start with the hair, we all want different styles of hair everyday, or maybe have Read…