Princess Pink Art Request

Princess Pink – Original Character

  Finally, I finished a really anime style artwork. I’ve been studying the right anime drawing style since yesterday, copying different heads, expressions and eyes, and wew, it’s worth it! I downloaded a lot of pictures of anime wallpapers for inspiration, at the same time, I also saved different Read more […]

Princess T Digital Painting SAI

Princess T digital painting using SAI

          I decided to give SAI a try – Paint Tool Sai, because PS lags too much due to big pictures. I’ll have to wait for a new laptop with better performance this year. For now, I will be using SAI to make digital painting. As we know, SAI has bery…

Best Youtube Digital Art Speed Tutorials

Everytime I want to draw something, I always use google and youtube to get inspiration and to remind myself how to do some digital painting. And whenever I search for youtube videos, I always want to view the video that’s short enough and fast forwarded. I honestly don’t like much talking in a video Read more […]