Officially an Animation Student

Hi Guys! I am finally an official student at IAFT International Academy of Film and Television! I know right? I’ve been dreaming of learning to create something great. Film is a huge part of learning and influence to the world. Especially those films that are for general audiences. Through fine arts, Read more […]

Erzen Black n White After

Black and White turned into Sepia Sun Kissed Adobe Photoshop Action

Here is a simple black and white-turn-into-sepia sun kissed tutorial. Open the black and white picture with adobe photoshop: This picture was taken using a DSLR camera. Then adjusted as black n white. Now what I did, I downloaded a pretty cool action to make it sepia-ish. To download the action Read more […]

Mactan Shrine - The beauty of Cebu - Bemmygail

Snowy Effect with Adobe Photoshop

View full size of the final image HERE. This picture is very old, and looks dull. I just opened all our outdoor pictures through picasa and found this picture. So what I did, I tried to enhance it through adobe. What I did,  I used the select option to select all the highlights of the picture….

Ayala Metro Cebu

The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu – Before and After Photoshop

Picture taken from Ayala Cebu city. Original photo was not so colorful, but when edited with picasa and adobe, it becomes more like a fantastic colored picture. It looks like a candy park for me. I used picasa mostly for this picture, the photography is amateur, but the picture is now a professional Read more…

Erzen Wallpaper - After Red and Black Ball

Personalized Photo Edit

Here’s another photograph of a friend of mine. This was a requested edit and photo enhancement. Well, let’s see what we have. Below is the original photo. It’s a personal photo, as you can see and we’ll make that better and just transform it to something that matches perfectly to a picture frame. Good Read…

After - Rock Resort Camotes Island

Personalized Photo Effects

VIEW FULL SIZE HERE Here’s a friend of mine on a beach in one of the Islands in Cebu. She had me enhance her photo and make it beautiful. Here’s the finished product below. I’ve just added basic touches like lighting, brightness, contrast, colors and all that kind of stuff. I added some words to…

More to see wallpaper

More to See Lyrics and Wallpaper – Hillsong Live

This is one of my favorite songs from Hillsong Live. It was part of the Mighty to Save Album, if I’m not mistaken. That was a long time ago. But I still love the song. So here’s a personal wallpaper of mine with the lyrics to the song. I created the wallpaper using, of course,…

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper - Vector

Cartoonizing Miley Cyrus with Adobe Photoshop Vector

Welcome to our tutorial. Today we’ll be learning how to create a digital artwork out of a real photo using vectors with Adobe Photoshop. This is a very rewarding thing to do and I hope you enjoy the tutorial below. Oh and leave me comments or suggestions any time. I’d love to read them. I’ll…

David And Goliath Illustration

David And Goliath Graphic

Here’s a digital artwork I made using Adobe Photoshop CS4. I’ve just used the brushes and it turned out this way! In this photo, you will see King David, before he became King, and Goliath, the Philistine. The giant from the Philistine, Goliath, was like the strongest man in their army. But David, with Read…

Cartoonized Emma Watson

Here’s an Emma Watson image I edited with Adobe Photoshop CS4 using Vectors and other effects. With Vector, you can cartoonize a celebrity the way you want to and I think that’s just absolutely awesome. I’m also a fan of Emma Watson. So I thought of making her more beautiful with adding photoshop effects Read…

You Are To Store Wallpaper

I remembered when I took a photo of Goldilocks Puto. I did it for hopes that I could create an awesome shot with a digital camera. But it didn’t really work out. So I have done some edits using my favorite photo tool, Adobe Photoshop CS4. I’ve just done some basic touches and fixes, like…

A Flower On The Field – Wallpaper

Here’s another free wallpaper I’ve edited and enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS4. The photo was originally taken by my sister and I added some effects to make it look better. Just the basic fixes like lighting, contrast and brightness. I also added some text that matches well with the image. I love flowers Read more…