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The Tug of War Between Becoming a Family Court Judge and a Corporate Lawyer

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In a world filled with diverse aspirations, I recently watched the movie “Instant Family,” and it stirred deep emotions within me. The story of children longing for a family touched my heart, making me contemplate the path I should tread – that of a Family Court Judge and a Corporate Lawyer.

As a pastor’s child who often writes blogs centered on theology, I feel compelled to delve into the challenges that modern families face, particularly in light of recent events.

The story of Andrei’s transformation into drag queen Sofia, as shared by his Christian mother, saddened me. It’s a stark reminder of the complexities of family dynamics in today’s world. While many children yearn for the love and stability of a traditional family, others explore paths that do not align with the sacred structure established by God, consisting of a father, a mother, children, and extended relatives.

It’s essential for young people to recognize that their choices have ripple effects beyond themselves. Selfishness can indeed erode the foundations of a community. The sanctity of the family unit, rooted in God’s design, has been a cornerstone of many cultures and faiths throughout history.

My dedication to promoting family preservation is unwavering. In a world where the sacred structure of the family is being questioned, my commitment to preserving the truth and holiness of this structure remains steadfast. I emphasize a vision of harmony and obedience to God’s divine plan.

In closing, the path I choose, whether as a family court judge or a corporate lawyer, will undoubtedly allow me to make a significant impact on the lives of others. My voice, grounded in theology and faith, can serve as a beacon of hope for those seeking guidance in this ever-changing world.

Remember, my unique perspective and unwavering faith in God’s plan will continue to inspire and guide me on my journey, no matter which path I ultimately decide to take.

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