Bemmygail is an award-winning illustrator and animator. She produces creative projects targeted for children, and the general audience.

By Bemmygail

Updates – Connect With Me and See if I am Available

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Hey! You can check out all of my social media links below, and see what I am up to everyday. I post regular updates about what I am currently working, so that you’ll have an idea if I am active online, and if I am available if you might have work for me.


I usually post updates within a month, but I am thinking of posting something every week now.


My most active social media account. Basically all my social media accounts always cc twitter. So, you are sure that this is the updated.


Facebook is like a part of my life already, view my official facebook page to see what I am currently working.


See the screenshots of what I am doing weekly.


The easiest way to see my work in progress. It has my work history and feedback as well.


These are the links where I am always active. You can contact me if you have questions!

Updates – Connect With Me and See if I am Available

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