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By Bemmygail

Red Stone: The First Battle EP 2 – Childbirth

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The sky is now dark, and crickets sing their songs for people and creatures to sleep. The happy king and queen went downstairs. The king is holding his lovely wife’s hand, while the queen picks her orange long dress while they make their steps. Every step brings a sound of their golden pieces of jewelry. Downstairs is a huge room with colorful decorations on the walls. So many symbols of the royal family’s past are carved on the walls made of wood and gold. The ceiling has live flowers, and glowing bright light from tiny flying blue creatures called Santilmos light the entire room. Near the stairs is a big entrance to the castle. The huge brown door is made of dark wood that’s so strong, even arrows cannot pass through it. The place looks perfect for a celebration.

The king speaks “Let’s have a nice walk and smell the fresh air of the night”. The queen looks at her feet as she steps slowly and then says something to the King while she smiles beautifully, “Durran”. “Yes dear,” the king replied. “Do you think I look fat?” asked the queen. The king stopped for a second and looks at her. “Is that a serious question?”. The queen chuckles and looks at the door, and she heard soldiers outside running, and the door suddenly opens. “Your Majesty” 3 soldiers entered the room, and they bowed in front of the king. “Speak”, says the king. “Another set of Encantos plan to enter the kingdom, they’re asking your permission to settle to one of our trees”, the soldier standing in the middle replied. “No problem, we’ll have a meeting with them as soon as we’re ready”, the king’s final instruction before the queen behind him fell to the ground.

“Du….” the queen shouts like a whisper trying to reach the king’s hand. The soldier shouted “The queen!”. King Durran turned and slightly paused, but he immediately carried the queen upstairs while commanding the guards “find the nurses!”. “Yes, your majesty!”. The soldiers ran and alarmed all the servants and nurses.

King Durran took the queen to her room, and after a few seconds nurses came along, there’s 5 of them and a physician. One nurse, the same servant with a mysterious stare previously, asked the king, with her head down and not looking at the king’s eyes “Your majesty, you should not be here right now, we will do our best to take good care of the queen. It seems like she’s going to give birth right this moment”. The king is very concerned, he keeps looking at the queen, with the nurses preparing towels around her. The king may be so concerned, but he could not do anything but just wait, so he walked to the door, and the nurse closed it.

For a few seconds, the nurse closed the door and looked at the other nurses around. She tried to stay next to the queen and holds her hand. The queen is now moaning in pain for the child is coming. The physician, while washing her hands as fast as she can, turned to see the queen in pain. But the nurse quickly left the queen’s side and says “It’ll be my honor to assist the queen right away”. She opened the blankets and assisted the queen of her childbirth. She shouted, “it’s coming, the baby is coming!”. All the nurses heard a cry and everyone’s thrilled. After a few minutes, the nurse now holds the baby in her arms. But suddenly, they heard thunders rumble on the sky, and dark clouds encircled the top of the castle. The mysterious nurse is now holding the child and quickly changed her appearance. From a humble but mysterious looking nurse to an evil queen!

The queen Maria is in so much pain, but the nurses can see in her eyes that she wanted to get the child from the nurse. Her eyes, in tears, and her hand is trying to reach out to the child. The other nurses and the physician could not move, they could not move closer to the child or the queen. It was such a desperate night.

Who is this person? What kind of a creature was she? What will happen to the child, and Queen Maria?

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