Bemmygail is an award-winning illustrator and animator. She produces creative projects targeted for children, and the general audience.

By Bemmygail

Red Stone: The First Battle EP 3 – Abduction

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It was a mad night, thunder and dark clouds surround the castle where the queen is giving birth. The evil queen is still holding the baby in her arms. She turned her head and looked at the queen without any pity. She then turned to look at the nurses and shared her creepy smirk. It’s so dark in the room because the breeze of air turned off the candles inside. Only the lightning and a little bit of moon’s light brightens the whole room.

The physician shouted “You! You’re….Queen Grimina Frawd!” as she was sweating with fear. The nurses are so scared, they want to go to the child, but because of fear they could not. Queen Grimina, with ebony black and long hair and eyes, she may have a sweet and innocent face, but her aura is totally scary. It makes her look creepier with her long white dress that flows to the ground like white smoke. She is a type of monster who shows herself at night, and always wears white dress. To the villagers of Kaptan, she is a creature mostly called a white lady. A type of ghost that shows herself in the dark and rural places. It was just a myth before, and only the elders tell such stories, but today, such creature appeared before them all and could possibly abduct the precious royal baby.

She slowly smiled, looked at the queen, and quickly ran to the windows. Another turn of her head and the evil queen said “This child, the heir to the throne, will become stronger than anyone of you and will grow to hate the Kingdom of Kaptan, I will teach the child to destroy you!” in a sound almost like a hungry roaring beast. She turned to look at the queen on her bed and smiled “don’t worry, I will return soon”. The poor queen Maria is left with great sadness.

Evil queen Grimina turned out the window once again, her white as paper skin glows like pale fire as it’s hit by the rays of the moon. There outside the window, another set of deadly creatures that are flying half-bodied vampires. They have frizzy long black hair, each of them. They are flying outside as if they are waiting for the right moment to fetch the evil queen. They also look like they thirst for blood, and they’ve got fangs. There are so many of them. And because it’s too dark and the castle’s surrounded by dark clouds, nobody from the guards down below could notice them.

The evil queen covered the child with a white towel, and jumped off the open window, the air sways her black hair and white smoke dress. The curtains on the window sway inside, and the nurses are left speechless.

The half-bodied vampires are called the removers. They are deadly, and what’s worse is that they’re on the evil queen’s side. It was from the stories of the old, that removers are man-eating and blood-sucking monsters. They are mostly female, and they especially love to eat newborn babies. But we are sure they won’t eat the baby, for the evil queen will raise the child to brainwash and hate the kingdom.

One of the removers fly closer to Queen Grimina as she jumped, and the remover caught her on it’s back, while it’s wings flap in the air. The removers flew away, laughing like witches in the air, taking the precious royal child away from its mother and the kingdom of Kaptan. All of the loyal subjects don’t even know what’s the child’s gender if it’s a boy or girl. The Kaptanis will not know how to address the child if it’s a prince or a princess. The child is the heir to the throne and a beloved of King Durran and Queen Maria.

Nurses quickly ran to the windows, and can only see the tiny silhouette of the removers under the moon. They turned the lights back on and heard the queen crying in pain again. “Go and assist the queen!” A nurse shouted. The physician herself went in and said, “there’s another child!”. Everyone in the room looked at each other and seemed relieved and happy again.

They assisted the queen. The abduction may be painful, but a new hope arises. Could it be a new prince or a princess? What will happen to the first child?

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