Bemmygail is an award-winning illustrator and animator. She produces creative projects targeted for children, and the general audience.

By Bemmygail

Red Stone: The First Battle EP 1 – The Kingdom

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One day, near the window on the castle lounge, stands King Durran Kii. A king with great power and rules a kingdom of protectors. King Durran has the ability to magically move so fast from one place to another. Everyone who truly believes it has special abilities. King Durran always wears his necklace with red stone pendant and long golden chain. He has a little mustache, with bulging muscles which are signs of his rigorous strength training as a king, who will always be prepared to protect his kingdom. King Durran loves to wear his green and brown hardened top, with carved symbols on the bottom ends of the sleeves.

The King holds his wife’s hand, a queen as beautiful as the glow of sunlight, with dark hair and brown eyes. The queen Maria Costana Kii, a beautiful queen dressed with a golden thin crown on her head and colorful pieces of jewelry on her neck. The King and queen both look at the queen’s belly and are very excited to see their first child soon. Servants passed on the lounge to clean up, while the two stands just right beside the window. The sun glows right to them, it’s golden rays sparkle the king’s pointed golden crown. One servant, in particular, looked at them and has a mysterious stare. Whatever it might be, the king and queen remains happy and are looking forward to this very exciting moment of their lives, and for the kingdom’s future.

The king walked near the window and opened it. Queen Maria looked at him and smiled. King Durran, looked at the vast lands of the kingdom of Kaptan. It is indeed a marvelous place, and it’s home to amazing people and different creatures. It is a well protected Kingdom, and every other nation surrounding it dreams to be its ally. Kaptan has a strong past, to others, it may be considered a legend, but to everyone in Kaptan, it’s a faithful story of the Kingdom’s history.

Long ago, maybe a thousand years have passed, the great ancestors of the royal family – the Kii, have done something amazing that it has produced a powerful stone that stayed with the royal family for many generations. This is the reason why the kingdom is well protected.

The Kingdom is also very abundant of resources, especially gold, and has advanced knowledge than the other kingdoms except for the Grocnuns Empire. It’s the only empire they have no idea about. It’s also a bit further from the kingdom of Kaptan. The Kingdom’s closest neighbor – Pherus is known to be fond of celebrations too. They have many celebrations in one year. Some people and creatures go to Pherus if they are looking for fun.

“My dear, this is the place our precious child will grow up. I am sure, whether he’s a boy or girl, he will love this place as much as we do” the king said. The queen lays her head on the king’s shoulder, and they both enjoyed the beauty of Kaptan. “Well, all I can hope for right now is that the Hantik forest can finally be opened. For generations it’s been the only forest nobody from our kingdom could ever enter, well they can enter, but nobody can get out anymore”. There was a brief silence after that, but then they regain the joy on their faces.

Hantik forest, very close to the entrance of Kaptan has been known to be a dark forest where dark creatures live. Many stories come from the forest, some are true some are not. It was known to be an entrance to a Kingdom where an evil queen was exiled by the king’s ancestors – the kingdom of Gaedour. For many years, many people still believe the legend. Whatever lies in the dark forest, all nations look up to the Kingdom of Kaptan for its great history, leadership, amazing people and abundant resources. But, what else could be out there?

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