Welcome to my services page. Please click the “Learn more” to get more details about each service that I offer. I offer both illustration and animation services: Illustration for children’s books, or vector graphics for games and web, and animation for book trailers, logo or intro animation, or animated short films and game assets. Click here to contact me.

Children's Book Illustration

Most Popular service available. Children's book illustration, in high quality cartoon style. Perfect for self publishers of children's books.

self publishing

Format And Typeset

Complete formatting and typesetting of your book ready to self-publish to createspace, lulu, blurb and more!

2D Animation

Motion graphics, logo animation, intro, cgi or visual effects for films.

3D Animation

Animation of characters, scenes, films, movies, 3D logo and intros, nursery rhyme videos or pixar style short films.

Trump and Melania Digital Painting

Storyboard For Films

Need high-quality storyboard for your film? Look no further! High-quality service with detailed illustrations per frames. Can be quick cartoon style or the usual realistic human style.

Cute Cartoon Comics Illustration

Ready with your story for comics or web graphic novel? High-quality cute illustrations in comic book style available.