2D Animation, motion graphics

Great communication

Fluent english speaker, and communicates continuously until you are satisfied with the project.


The most affordable quality standard animation services in the global market you can find!


Very easy to work with, and the process is a breeze. Complete services, from storyboard, to final production! All you need is an idea!


For over 2 years of business in global animation service, with multiple glorious reviews from different clients, you sure can easily trust Bemmygail!

Frequently asked questions

I always respond to any inquiries within 48 hours. I am available for business hours GMT+8:00, 9 AM – 7 PM, Tuesday to Saturday.

Storyboard is a different service, visit here for the price. Scriptwriting can be done by you, or you can purchase it separately.

Sure! It depends of course if your characters are editable for use in animation.

I use all the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, as well as Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Autodesk Maya and all the other industry standard apps for digital art production. I also use both Mac and PC, as well as a drawing tablet and all traditional art materials you can imagine. :3

I am so interested with children’s books and animated films, especially if it’s filled with sweet and cute story behind it, or that the characters have to be cute. I love to work with anything that includes princesses, fairies, or cute animals. But I am also open for other genre. 

It will mostly take me 1 month. 

Bemmygail is a freelance artist working with illustration and animation targeted for children and the general audience. For questions, please contact me.

My Clients SAY

"I am glad to get to work with Bemmygail. The quality of the delivered work is excellent and the deadlines are perfectly met. The communication was clear. The best of everything is the passion I feel she has about her work. I would definitely come back and collaborate with her again."
"My seller what over and above what I ever imagined. I am fully satisfied and would like to work with her in the future. This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Bimmy! Thank you for sharing your talent and for your expertise."
Lucy Ramos
"Great experience with Bemmygail. Fluent in English, understands what I want and need, fast response, and most importantly, beautiful modern designs, just according to my taste (it’s subjective, I know). Will definitely reuse. Highly recommended!"
Pixl Digital
"Skill Level Amazing Response Time Amazing Courteous and Professional The most awesome experience imaginable Lifelong customer"


1. Creative Brief
Please provide me more details about you, and the project. You can fill in the details below. This will help me understand the project, and will decide if I can do the job for you. If I believe that there’s a better artist for the job, I’d be more than happy to help you find the most suitable one. 

2. Cost Estimate
This  is when I need to calculate the right cost for the style you are looking for. Allow me 1-2 business days to get back to you. If you have further inquiries, you can always email me at contact@bemmygail.com

3. Contract
This is when we start the contract. I don’t require written contract, but if you do, there’s no problem with that too. We can use the contract from either fiverr or upwork. These are my most trusted platforms while I work. But if you prefer another payment method, I accept payoneer only for now. I’ll send you an invoice, and you review it and pay from there. If through direct payment with payoneer, I require 50% deposit before I start working.

4. Script and Storyboard, Animatics
This is when I plan the entire video. I create sketches and provide you the details of each scene. I’ll also send ideas about the story. Once you approve of the plan, I’ll proceed to the next step.

5. Character, objects, background creation
From here I can start creating all the assets for the video. The characters, objects, backgrounds. Each character will have set of skeletons so that they can move, it’s when I rig them. Rigging and setting up all scenes for animation takes time. 

6. Animation
Once all of the assets are ready, I start doing the animations. This is the longest part usually. So sit back, and relax while I finish all the work for you. 

7. Sound Effects, Voice over, Music
After animation, I will start adding sound effects and music. 

8. Post Production
This is usually when I adjust the colors, final transitions and cuts of the video, final sound and music editing. Then I deliver the file in video format. Enjoy!