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The most affordable quality standard storyboard illustration and animatics in the global market you can find!


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For over 6 years of business in global illustration service, with multiple glorious reviews from different clients, you sure can easily trust Bemmygail!



Fishi 3D animated short film storyboard, toned and color. This is an example of cartoon style illustration, in sequence.

Animatics for the 3D animated short film “Fishi”

Smart Chef 2D Animated video, complete with storyboard and animatics. Style used is simple sketches, animation in 2D vector.

Groommedia 2D Animated commercial video. Simple sketches, and final video available. 

Choose the perfect PACKAGE

Orders will be accepted using Fiverr, or Upwork. Price is per frame. Custom orders also available. You may hire me directly on Upwork for $25/hour, or buy the gig on fiverrContact me for questions.



Inked 4 Frames
Under 5″x7″ frame size

  • 5 Figures
  • Lineart
  • Full Body
  • High Resolution



Toned 6 Frames
 Under 5″x7″ frame size

  • 5 Figures
  • Full Body
  • Background Scene
  • Toned
  • High Resolution



Color 10 Frames
Colored, with source files. 
Under 5″x7″ frame size

  • Up to 5 figures
  • Source Files
  • Commercial
  • Full Color
  • Background Scene
  • Source Files

Frequently asked questions

I always respond to any inquiries within 48 hours. I am available for business hours GMT+8:00, 9 AM – 7 PM, Tuesday to Saturday.

I use all the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, as well as Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Autodesk Maya and all the other industry standard apps for digital art production. I also use both Mac and PC, as well as a drawing tablet and all traditional art materials you can imagine. :3

No problem! Please visit my gallery at

When you choose to purchase a package with the license, it means that you’re not just able to use the illustration personally but you are also completely free to sell the product commercially.

It depends on the projects I am handling. Usually 10 frames will take me 1 week to finish. 

Yes, it depends on how complex or easy the work. Just contact me for details. 

Bemmygail is a freelance artist working with illustration and animation targeted for children and the general audience. For questions, please contact me.

My Clients SAY

"I am glad to get to work with Bemmygail. The quality of the delivered work is excellent and the deadlines are perfectly met. The communication was clear. The best of everything is the passion I feel she has about her work. I would definitely come back and collaborate with her again."
Ahmad Al-Kabbany
"Great Work! Very helpful and understanding when changes need to be made! Also very fast! Will be using her again very soon!"
Alex Bock
Bock Engineering
"Great experience with Bemmygail. Fluent in English, understands what I want and need, fast response, and most importantly, beautiful modern designs, just according to my taste (it’s subjective, I know). Will definitely reuse. Highly recommended!"
Michael Kwan
Pixl Digital
"Skill Level Amazing Response Time Amazing Courteous and Professional The most awesome experience imaginable Lifelong customer"