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AD:Mission 2013 Day One

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Yey! It was another awesome experience, exposure, new friends, new learning day!!!!

September 25 2013 @ CAFA – Theater, Talamban, Cebu city!

We had great speakers on day one. I’ll list the 4 speakers below:

Excemplary and creative designer, a very cool editorial illustrator working in Times of Oman and Al Shabiba at Muscat, Oman – she’s none other than Miss Lucille Umali a.k.a. Palot:

And here’s the artwork I love the most:


Cool right?

Wait there’s more! And more and more and more!

When I look at this picture at first, it looks easy but after few seconds of looking at it, it becomes a bit difficult, then more difficult and really difficult. What I’m saying is that the process is very detailed, very miticulous, and the idea is unique and it really needs a lot of thinking…visualizing…..conceptualizing…..before you can see the final product. It’s difficult but it’s fun and really cool! I’m excited to experience that “sigh of contentment” once I create my master pieces too!

Miss Lucille also earned a lot of recognitions and awards in Oman because of her excellent works!

Wanna check her works?

Yey we’re friends on FB……I think I sent a request last february….. her FB:

Her creative blog:  – I saw really cool artworks here!

And her twitter:


Fasten your seatbelts guys, here’s another speaker. Mr. Ken Onozawa – A Japanese-Cebuano artist with a passion for branding. He owns an adveritising business… cool is that? My dream! To handle your own team, your own business, your own company! ….. ummm….well I’ll get there…bwahaha

Check this out:

Checkout the picture with icons, those icons are the brands he/his company helped. He explained to us a lot about making a brand, help out a brand become more real, and would really sell to the public. I also learned that making a brand is to make sure that you understand what the client really wanted. It’s like customer service, we are the “doctors” and we examine their likes and dislikes and their ideas before we can start researching and making the final output.

I think we really need to practice asking the right questions, this is what my communication skills training always tells us, reminding us that the “asking of the right questions” is very important, it doesn’t just speeds up the time (conversation), it also saves you from hassle of going around in circles with the client.

It’s about getting the main idea, then research, then ask again and get the main point and ask again if still not clear until everything becomes super clear that you can be confident to present your outputs! And by the way…..Mr Ken Onozawa is very “direct to the point” when he talks/answers… two thumbs up!

Ways to check his works: I followed him already…weeee I think this is his official site? Yeah….. and yey, he accepted me on FB!!!


Hold your horses, another one’s coming! An illustrator in an Ad Agency in Dubai (like Dwynn Trazo!). She has spoken in many international conferences, inspiring many other creatives in their line of work. She’s Miss Kristy Ligones!

Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of her and me alone! Too bad!!!!

That’s her in blue T-shirt. 🙂

I remember Harvey Tolibao watching her works. But she’s more feminine, of course and I like it! Her awesome job is to illustrate, make storyboards for TV commercials, print ads, and a lot more! All related to advertising arts! I’m teary-eyed, never thought it would be this cool, a lot of chances to learn!

Here are my favorites!

I really love the details. I feel lazy looking at these pictures, but I really want to make one too! I was speechless watching these. I also liked making storyboards, it’s like in Disney! She makes storyboards to see the entire plan of a TV commercial before it’s shot for video presentation…… I didn’t thought it needs to look like that before a TV commercial is presented to the public.

Ways to check her works: I think this is her official site….the site is kewl! and yep! she accepted me on fb tooo!!! weeee


Now, the last but never the least……bibong bibo si Mr. Victor Villanueva! The director of My Paranormal Romance!!!! That’s sooooo KEWWWWL!!!

And of course, picture picture:

I am really interested about marketing, how to sell your products, or artworks…..never really thought he wont be present for the second day….workshop day! Too bad!

He told us about 6 segments that could affect marketing and content:

1. Simple life

2. Pinoy Charmers

3. Family rocks

4. Connection seeker

5. Achievers

6. Adventure seeker


Useful links about him:

Yey he also accepted me on fb! followed him already 🙂

and hey check this out, his IMDB page:


So yeah, that’s it. That’s the summary of what happened on September 25….2013. Correct me if I’m wrong, most of the speakers, or I think all of them came from CAFA?

But wait! Another favorite part of mine, the open forum! It’s a chance for us all to ask questions to our speakers! I asked about what kind of extra jobs their doing…they mentioned about “raket” so I was a bit confused…..why are they still looking for extra jobs, are they burned out with the jobs given by their company? Or the reason is different…..and yeah, they said it’s more on seeking your passion….a job that you’re looking out of passion…then it’s up to you how you manage all your work… 🙂

That’s it…..I did not post the notes….I’m not sure if it’s okay to place them here, they might be copyrighted…hehe

More updates here soon….

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