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AD:Mission 2013 Day Two

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Mr. Chad Manzo – A very creative, and extremely excellent illustrator and designer…..

Here’s a picture from FB page I found….credits to the owner… (I think the A3 made this)



Credits to Sam: for the two photos!

Mr. Chad is a really great artist. He earned a lot of awards, that really inspires artists like us big time!

He asks us definitions about design terms….we know that the answers are in the back of our minds but we’re struggling to answer them…haha I think it’s also an eyeopener, to remember the terms and to know exactly what we’re doing and where we’re going.

He explained how he designs, the entire process on how he designs for his clients….

First step…research….ask questions…keep on asking and also use any resources to get answers like google…READ AND READ!

Ideas will naturally come I think if we just read, and be exposed to a lot of things, we can come up with better ideas. The more experience and wisdom we have, the more options and ideas come out.

Step two. Once we have the idea, and the concept, then we can start working – workithard. We must remember the very basics of design, the elements and principles of design, and we need to apply them in designing and layouting.

Skills wont show up unless we research, and practice even more of the tools.

Last step. Finalize..If we have the draft “study” then we can finalize the entire design…it should be ready for presentation. Here are list of questions we can use to check if our output is ready or not:

1. Is it good enough to present to the client?

2. Is it good enough for your standards?

3. Is it good enough for the critics?

It’s a great guide and reminder when we design. And I think, if we add the “best” in everything that we do and also add some “perfectionistic” character, we can make the client WOW. Not just full payment, but I think bonuses will rain….. 🙂

The last thing we did, in the afternoon is an activity. We are asked to design an album cover, and promotional poster. I can’t really judge our own work fairly….and I can’t show them here….not that good for kids.

Notable inspirations:

Dieter Rams

Paula Scher

Shigeo Fukuda


Stefan Sagmeister

Anyway, here are ways you can check Mr. Chad’s great works: his official site/portfolio followed him already! yep, followed him

More updates will be posted here. Comments, suggestions, critics are very much welcomed here! 🙂


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