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Advertising Conference CAFA Cebu 2014 #Adcon

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Advertising Arts Today, 9/29/2014 9:40 AM at the CAFA (College of Architecture and Fine Arts) Theater, we had an amazing conference! It is because we’ve learned new things from great artists with extremely awesome and blessed gifts. For the purpose of documentation of what important things I’ve learned as an artist, which is my blog’s main purpose too, I’d like to summarize everything that happened, and post the important details that I hope can also help you guys, whoever you may be. I also wanted this documentation to be visible on the internet for me to review anytime, and to share to everyone as well.

Intro (Advertising Arts Association)

#Adcon2014 or Advertising Conference lead by Aya Jugalbot (President of A3 “Advertising Arts Association) managed the gathering really well, from registration, conference, open forum, to snacks. We received some freebies too like a green bag, adcon tickets, and adcon doodle book which we will be using for tomorrow’s advertisting workshop.


I hope I can briefly and precisely summarize everything here. Anyways, here are our four speakers namely Megan Palero, Kay Aranzanso, Carla Adlawan, Gilbert Gamolo. (not sure about Mr. Gamolo’s link).




Kay Aranzanso

First, check out Ms. Kay’s words of wisdom. She started by showing some fonts that aren’t really recommended for good typographic artwork. These are comic sans and curlz. Good ones can be helvetica, serifs and other flexible fonts. She said she doesn’t like default fonts, instead she makes or invents fonts that are more personalized by her own style. She also loves to use chalk as her traditional medium for drawing letters and words on the wall. Her advertising works remind me of Paula Scher who makes really neat and detailed typographic artworks around the cities of America.

She has worked with various clients making typographic arts, and also advertising related works like posters and infographics. She mentioned that she has a lettering workshop as well in Manila. Her students are really great, she showed us their work but it doesn’t show that they didn’t have experience because their works are so great.

Kay Aranzanso
I honestly enjoyed the way she talks, she sounds so sweet.

She suggested that in order to have clean and nice typographic works, we should start by illustrating other typographic advertising works. Copying from good artworks really helps you in understanding the details of the artwork. You’ll see every detail in the picture because you try to copy exactly what you see, and slowly you can cover everything that the picture has and eventually understands some questions in your mind about the picture.

She also showed us some of the works that were disapproved by her clients. She wanted us to understand that we should be patient with our clients. Not all clients can be easily understood. And they wont hire you because of your style, but instead, because of what you can do for them – they need you.

This is my favorite work she made, because it’s so girlie and fun. It’s colorful, but has a beautiful contrast of black for it’s character.

Of course, I will never leave the place without taking some selfies. While everyone’s busy, me and my friends sneaked in and asked them for photos. 🙂 It was so pleasing to meet her and have a nice selfie.

Please click the gallery picture to view the full size. 

Megan Palero

The next speaker is an animator and illustrator. I’ve been waiting for him to speak at school because, you all know that I am so in love with animation. Any person that can inspire me to do animation will never be absent in my website. I also remembered that I already added him as friend on facebook last year because of Mr. Alduane Maño‘s post. It was a magazine issue from Davao. I’ve read the entire issue, and was really impressed and inspired. I’ve posted a blog about Alduane here: LINK

I am talking about Megan Palero, our second advertising speaker for the day. I’ve read his bio through the magazine, and so many things he talked about, especially his technique. He also reminds me of Gem Ron Cadiz, another animator that works with 3d animation, CGI and special effects. You should check him out too.

This is his intro for advertising conference adcon:

Adcon 2014 Megan PaleroSuch a humble person. He showed us many of his advertising works. He first talked about definitions of terms. Honestly, there are words that I couldn’t understand because they’re so jargon and technical. I haven’t explored animation that well yet, but I will, once I get my new laptop. 😀 He used flash and after effects for his animation. Check out his portfolio website HERE to understand how impressive his works are. They are very detailed and I think he is very meticulous. He keeps on telling us to use grid lines because these can really help you balance and organize your work. He differentiated motion graphics from animation as well. As far as I understood, motion graphics is partially a subcategory of graphic design, but it also talks about animation and film. I think it’s still under graphic design, but it’s in motion.

He was born in 1991, same with me. He loved arts since he was young, and he said that he studied visual arts while he was in highschool (correct me if I’m wrong) at Davao city. After highschool, he independently studied graphic arts, and animation through online tutorials and workshops. And amazingly, he was able to master animation while working. He first worked at an outsourcing company that produces print ads. The company wasn’t mentioned, but he was the youngest working at that time in his company. Eventually, he managed to work for animation in Manila while freelancing online. He now works at Flux Design Labs.

He shared this words:

“Creativity leaves an outcome that adds to the richness and complexity of the future”

– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyl

Did you understand that? For me, it says that our creativity today makes great outputs that will add richness and compexity to the future. The future is a result of creativity of the past. Lol, sorry if it was a bit confusing. But I hope you get the point though. I can relate inventors of the past to today’s technology through this quotes.

Please click the gallery picture to view the full size. 

He also shared a simple (simple for experts, hehe) process about making his animation projects. First is research and development, which mostly takes time, he says that it could take weeks to months. Movies could take years too. The next step is drawing and storyboarding. I think this part is a way to visually understand your concept. Then the next one is pre-visualizing, which I couldn’t really understand sorry. The next one was animation offline, maybe this is the rendering process, that he mentioned would take him a whole day to finish. That happened to me as well while rendering a video using after effects for a reed 30nvideo. That sucks really, because the file was corrupted because it was too large, and I guess my hardware couldn’t contain it while rendering. It was too bad. Anyway, the last part of the process is launch.

He mentioned so many other technical terms in animation, that I have a hard time understanding at the moment. But I really have to learn those things, soon and very soon.

His last messages were – Decide, choose, create, repeat. It is self explanatory. Decide what you want, choose which option’s the best, create or start doing it, and do it again and again until you reach perfection. Check out some of his animated videos HERE. These are so detailed, that I couldn’t imagine how he managed to finish them.

Gilbert Gamolo



He talks very clear, maybe because he was a mascom graduate just like my teacher in photography today – Mr. Bienvenido Fernandez. Today I learned that mascom was an awesome course because they teach photography, videgraphy and so many things related to media. That was really awesome. Mr. Gilbert even said that if only he knew that there is a course advertising, he would really take this course because it’s what he really wanted – advertising.

Mr. Gilbert was also very fond with arts ever since he was young. He loved traditional arts. He started his discussion with a picture of a white space with a single dot in the middle, most people only see the single dot in the middle. This is usually what people see for their dreams, that it’s very difficult to achieve because trials are so many, and it’s a very small opportunity. But Mr. Gilbert said that we should change that kind of mentality, that we should see the bigger picture, not the tiny one. Maybe, in other words, we can make it like – “Think/Dream big!”. It reminds me of – dream, believe, survive. Hehe.


One of the many important things he shared is to dream, decide what you really want, then trailblaze or make a path or opportunity on your own, and finally is keep learning. He humbly said that he may be the oldest guy in the conference, but he is willing to listen even to the young ones just so he can learn new things. He knew that there are still so many things he should learn, and by listening to the new generation, he can get something priceless and can even enhance his skills.

He was born in Manila, and grew up in Quezon city. He said that when he was young, he was inspired by an artist in Davao through a seminar. It was supposed to be a seminar for her sister, but her sister gave her slot to Mr. Gilbert. That seminar made an impact in his life, because it was a still painting seminar of Fernando Sena. Out of 70 people who joined, he is one of the three who were given the chance to join a workshop in arts. That basically is how his career started.

He showed us many of the commercials he had directed here in Cebu like rexidol forte, and tuseran in cebuano and ilonggo language. You can search these advertising videos on youtube. He wished he could really shoot a short or indie film if only he had the time.



Carla Adlawan

It was really unfortunate that I was not able to catch Miss Carla speaking. It was too fast, and I have to go to my beautiful Chem class. When I got back, I was too late. She just finished speaking. But I have an audio file to listen to so that I can at least understand her discussion even without her visuals.

Anyway, ever wonder who does the words or slogans in every commercials or other advertising like “wow”, “we are the best”, and so on? This is the kind of job that Miss Carla Adlawan does. It is more into composing or writing.

advertisingShe has a really wonderful introduction, and of course everyone in the theater knows who she is. She’s a faculty member, and a copywriting teacher for advertising students. Copywriting is all about using simple and easy to understand words, she said. But you have to make sure to read and read and read so that you know more things, you know more words to use in an ad. How are you going to creatively make wonderful phrases or words that are very attractive without knowing anything?

Just take note to use simple words in your ad because afterall, you have to attract your clients, not confuse them. You also shouldn’t sound plastic. Copywriting is about making people like you, through words. She said the novel writers are different from copywriting. Novel writers are more self centered, or only thinks about what their mind is telling and express them through words. Copywriters think about the market.

One important thing to take note too is to stay or stick to one thing you are sure about and master it. If you master or specialize one thing, then you can own it. She actually loves to travel too. She even asked us why people now are getting more interested in traveling. And a student answered it perfectly, that it’s all because of social media. People see their friends in other places make them more interested in joining and enjoying the outdoors. People also want to have fun!

If you have any advertising idea, you go with it. You research, and do it. Make a step back and remember that the world is not about you. Market is not you.

Please click the gallery picture to view the full size. 

Just too bad I wasn’t able to listen and see her visuals. The audio sounds really fun. It’s more fun in the Philippines! 🙂

“Sugar, rice, and everything nice?” Did I hear it correctly? Lol.


We had an open forum at the end of the advertising conference. There are so many things that I want to ask, but I couldn’t remember them anymore. Sorry. One student asked how are they motivated, speakers answered that they are motivated by life, their passion, drawing, their experiences. I couldn’t remember the other questions because I ran out of storage for my phone to record everything. I didn’t really write everything down, just audio recording.

If you have any advertising questions, clarifications, suggestions, please post them here. If you wish to remove some contents here that you are not comfortable with, please contact me through email or fb. Tomorrow we are going to have a workshop. So basically, we’re gonna do some activity, all students will work together and present our outputs to – I don’t know, maybe a new speaker. We’ll see. Stay tuned! 🙂 Advertising Arts

Credits for advertising featured photos to: HERE 


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