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Best Youtube Digital Art Speed Tutorials

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Everytime I want to draw something, I always use google and youtube to get inspiration and to remind myself how to do some digital painting. And whenever I search for youtube videos, I always want to view the video that’s short enough and fast forwarded. I honestly don’t like much talking in a video tutorial, it takes time. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes not. Because if it takes too much time just listening to the tutorial, I tend to lose the idea I have in mind. Time is really important for me, more time, more things you can draw. And the faster you are, more things you can learn, and it can enhance your skills even more!

So I think maybe I can share to you the best, ok again “THE BEST” Youtube digital art speed tutorials that I mostly view whenever I draw something. These are speed painting, speed drawing tutorials using photoshop and illustrator.



The first, and the best one!

Creative Station!


I think this is a popular speed painting channel for most digital painters. It has many videos to choose from. Videos have enough speed, and the paintings are very awesome. In every video, they have mostly different artists. And I think you should check this out because the time is just enough, not too fast, or too slow for me. Speed paintings really help me learn, because it’s fast! It helps me understand the lightings and shadows, and the softness of the strokes used.



This next one has I think almost all the kinds of videos we need to learn for photoshop, and illustrator! It has many tutorials in adobe products, and even in designing stuff. So many lessons you can learn from here. The only thing I don’t like about their videos is that they’re too long. Like about almost half an hour. My trick is to fast forward the video, hehe. But seriously, if you want real learning, check these out!




And the next one is also really cool. I saw this artist from and he has a link to youtube, when I saw his videos, they are really perfect for me so I made sure to subscribe to his channel!



Remember my other post? Yes I also featured this artist to my other post with his great and unique artworks! Please subscribe, he has great works, beautiful drawings, and has speed paint tutorial!



Want to draw some picture book designs?


I have been viewing some of his videos to learn picture book designs, and picture book style of coloring. I think the artist only has few videos, but they are all very beautiful, and realistic! So make sure to check them out.



Wanna learn anime drawings/paintings using SAI? This girl has many video speed tutorials, drawing anime using Paint Tool SAI!

She’s Oceantann from deviantart:


I love her videos because they’re also fast, and clear. And you can really learn the ways of making an anime using SAI.


And here are some other channels you shouldn’t miss!


It has few videos too, but very beautiful anime paintings! The artist also uses SAI.

Lastly, an artist who uses photoshop for making anime paintings!


Very nice works using photoshop.



And the most recent one I just viewed, is this: – this is not a youtube video, it’s a livestream by Stanley Lau, a very great and excellent artist from Singapore. You seriously, seriously, need to watch this! An example of his work with the livestream video tutorial is this:

But take note, the video is very long, it is a 4 hour video. I really want to get the speed art version of his videos! 🙁


If you know more channels that are GOOD, and has fast videos, with extremely awesome paintings, please comment below! 😀


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