Bemmygail is an award-winning illustrator and animator. She produces creative projects targeted for children, and the general audience.

By Bemmygail

Creative CGI VFX Illustration or Animation Services now Available Worldwide

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Wherever you may be, if you need Creative CGI VFX Illustration or Animation Services, you can always contact me. I decided to make a post dedicated to all the links about my work. This post is about all the ways to get in touch with me about creative services, questions, concerns, see my pricing, make a contract with me, or buy my products and services. 

Why Choose Me?

I am experienced, award-winning, and excellent artist. I have been doing this my whole life, and am willing to dedicate my life to learn and master art. Every artist is different, unique, and always have something to offer creatively. I consider myself excellent and skilled in this industry, and for every second right now, I am learning new things which makes me even better! Choose me, and you’ll never regret. I can also be a good and long term friend.

View  services I am offering as well as price list. 

hire me

Use this page to hire me or make a contract directly.

awardsMy awards and certificates page.

storeBuy designs directly.

Contact Me

Please use this link to contact me directly.


Please use this page to see my online resume or CV. 

testimonialsSee how clients respond to my work.


View my updated portfolio.


Know the latest about what I am working on, from social media, to blogs. I update regularly on what I am currently working and when I am available for work.

Relocation Policy:

Yes, I am open to relocation with assistance. I have my passport ready.

Preferred File Transfer Tool:

I am totally file with either attachments through communication, or dropbox, google drive, and wetransfer.

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