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How's El Capitan? Quick Review by a Creative MBP User

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El Capitan Review

Hello guys! I thought it would be great to share my few experiences using El Capitan. There are many blogs about the list of latest features of El Capitan, so here I’ll just what are the things I think should be shared with everyone!


  1. The update makes everything look fresh. Mbp now looks more seamless and clean. We all know that IOS has this brand for simplicity/minimalism, and it works really well here!
  2. There are tons of new features too, like the split screen view. I just tried it and enjoyed using it. It makes working easier, and so mobile. You won’t ask for another monitor.


  1. Finder lags when rebooting. The solution is to simply remove all avid and Wacom apps. If you need the Softwares, you might want to download updated versions. I downloaded the latest version of Wacom bamboo driver, and rebooted my system, now it works perfectly!
  2. There is much software that might no longer be compatible with the OS. Better review all details before upgrading!

But overall, I enjoyed the new look and was able to update all the necessary¬†applications to make everything work. If I encounter another problem, I’ll let everyone know!

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