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Industrial Design: Today's Design Inspiration

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It’s been awhile since I blogged about design inspiration. But today, my heart is just pumping so fast because I’m so excited to share the news about this new (for me) design inspiration. I saw really clean minimalist yet cultural and geometrical furniture designs made by artists who visited us at school. The designs are so inspiring. I may not be an interior designer, but once you’re in the creative field, anything that’s related to creativity, design, and arts are just very interesting. It inspires me to make something new.

Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue and Mr. Eiri Iwakura visited our school and shared amazing designs, and inspirational stories.

Industrial Design: Kenneth Cobonpue

I’ll start with Kenneth Cobonpue. Here are the reference links about him:


Official Website:


It was a personal facebook page, so I am not sure if it’s okay to add him or not. I think it’s better to have a fanpage. But anyway, his designs are very unique. They look so clean, like minimalist, but they showcase the culture of the Philippines. Industrial design Industrial design

Yes, I was able to take pictures of him in front. But there are so many people in the theater that I wasn’t able to really go to the front and listen to everything he said. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to listen to all his discussion because I still have classes to attend to.Industrial design But I think that’s fine. At least I know who he is and I can search information about him on the internet. Let me just give you an introduction about him:

Copied from Wikipedia

Born a proud Cebuano, Kenneth Cobonpue, is a world renowned, multi-awarded, industrial designer known for his signature designs in natural fibers and materials. Being born from a Chinese family who was business oriented, he was greatly encouraged to take up a business course at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Realizing that it wasn’t for him, he applied in the Fine Arts program, which at that time offered Industrial Design. He failed the entrance exam saying that he couldn’t draw well enough. His luck was changed and better opportunities came his way when he attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where he took up Industrial Design in 1987. While completing his degree, he worked for a leather and woodwork shop in Florence, Italy. In 1994, under a state and private scholarship, he studied furniture marketing and production at the “Export Akademie Baden-Württemberg” in Reutlingen, Germany and soon afterwards worked in Bielefeld and Munich. Cobonpue’s brand incorporates locally sourced natural materials such as seagrasses, rattan, buri, bamboo, and abacca with innovative handmade processes which make his brand unique and globally recognize. His aim is to redefine the Philippines industry and to spread the notion of sustainable design to a global audience.

Yes so that’s all about him in summary. It’s inspiring for me because I am also a Cebuano.

Here are his designs:

Industrial design

Industrial design

An introduction video about him was a music video of Adam Levine where the furnitures used are designed by him. Isn’t that amazing? There is just so much to learn about design, and it broadens and widens my idea about it everyday, especially when I listen and watch other people’s designs.


Industrial Design: Eiri Iwakura

The second speaker was Eiri Iwakura. He is a Japanese, and he can barely speak english so I had some difficulty understanding his discussion, although there is another Japanese teacher who was able to help us by translating the discussion of Eiri.

I think that his designs are so neat to look at. They look so relaxing and traditional. You can remember the nature just by looking at them. I was thinking, what if I was really there and touch or sit on his furnitures, I bet I would feel so relaxed. It’s difficult to find information about him on the internet because of the language. But anyway, you can use google translate.

This is his official site:

And this is another link for his brand Tobi:

At least this one’s english. You can also see his works through these links.

So these are the pictures I took inside the theatre. Look at his works! They’re so gorgeous. One thing I cannot forget in his lecture was to create using your heart, not just your brain and skills. At least that’s what I understood. The designs are so simple, except the wooden ones. The wooden furnitures look so complicated.

Industrial design

Check that out! It’s so chocolateeeyyy.

And well, at the end of the discussion, they had an open forum. I did not join that anymore and had to rush outside to study my report. But it was all worth it! It’s just so inspiring so I think I really have to share this to everyone!

Every artist, who wants to venture into 3d arts someday should at least know the basics of architecture, I believe so. 3d arts require a lot of technical skills and still you’ve got to have good ideas, good concepts. These things will never be absent in design making. And design is everywhere!

So, well, God bless you in your design path. I hope this blog is able to inspire you! Share your stories below! 🙂

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