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Inspirational People in my Art Career

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Here are the Inspirational People in my art career..

Currently, I have a LOT of people that inspires me to continue my art career! But there are a few that primarily helped me realize this decision. Although I don’t have any personal contact with them, I admire their life stories, and their styles of art!

The very first person that ignited my decision to pursue arts is Gini Cruz Santos. It was the time when she was posted on the website front page as an animator for “The Incredibles”.  I was interested because her name is obviously a Filipina, so i clicked that up and saw her bio! Here’s her brief bio:

Inspirational people in my art career

Virginia “Gini” Cruz Santos (born and raised in Pasay City, Philippines and now based in San Francisco) is an animator for Pixar who has been involved in several beloved animated movies such as A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Up.

Having been part of Toy Story 2, Santos was also greatly involved in the animation of Toy Story 3, last summer’s box office hit that became the 2010 highest-grossing film worldwide. For the movie, Santos worked with another Pilipina; Cheryl Burke of “Dancing with the Stars”. She and fellow DWTS dancer Tony Dovolani flew to the Pixar studios from Los Angeles to choreograph the paso doble dance of Buzz Lightyear and Jessie.

Santos studied at the University of Santos Tomas in the Philippines, where she took up Fine Arts with a major in Advertising. Funnily enough, she thought her lab subject of Animation was “very tedious because of its repetitive illustrating process. Animation was the farthest thing from my mind. We were grouped, and we’re supposed to make a small film. I remember going, ‘Oh, I like to draw, but I don’t wanna draw this much.’ I was kind of turned off by the process of it.”

In 1988, she began working as the art director for an American ad agency, but left in 1993 because she felt that the job was holding her back artistically. She decided to study a two-year masters program, Computer Art, at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 1996, Santos submitted her reel to Pixar. She didn’t even include her resume because it was “just for the heck of it”. Her short feature “The Eclipse”, which looked at human relationships, landed her a job as Pixar animator.

Today Santos has so much passion for her job at Pixar that she has accepted the sacrifices she has had to make in her personal life. She and Ronnie Del Carmen (another Pinoyanimator at Pixar) dream of holding an animation convention in the Philippines someday.

In a 2010 interview, Santos said that she and Del Carmen are always talking about the idea. “We want to gather all the talented and interested Pilipino animators in the Philippines and hold an animation convention. We would love to invite some big name animators from Pixar and Disney to go over there so that the Pilipinos will see the latest technologies and styles that we use.”

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This is a complete bio that points out what I am talking about and why I am inspired by her life story. She pursued arts because she wanted to. But she also went thru a lot of decision making, probably disappointments and more in life. Without passion, I don’t think anyone can really continue their life journey.


Below are my other great influences:

Annie Leibovitz – “Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz is an American portrait photographer.” 

She has an awesome style of photography! When you search her on google, you’ll see stunning photos of disney princesses, disney scenes that are SOOOO realistic! It’s her style that also interests me and inspires me in this industry.

I love the way she makes the photos realistic, but still fantastic. It looks like real humans are in the world of fantasy.

I saw her works when I was searching for realistic princesses as references for an artwork I was trying to create, and I was stuck at her photography. From then on, I kept collecting her works, saved them to my hard drive.

Check out her photography online, you’ll see what I’m talking about.


The next person is VERY famous in this industry. He has a lot of inspiring, and encouraging words for artists like us. He is none other than the legendary Mr. Walt Disney! 

 Too bad he’s no longer alive, he died on 1966 and I was not yet born that time. I wish I had the chance to meet him in person and listen to his encouraging words, or even work with him in making legendary films!

I even imagine myself walking inside his company hallway, and meet him in person and just tell him that I really admire his works, and then do the selfie mode!

The best thing about Mr. Walt Disney is that he’s a dreamer, and a doer. He has a lot of experiences in the design world, and he wants to share his ideas and talent to the world, and make the world happy and laugh. He is focused on the audience that can benefit, rather than the critics or himself (You know, expressing yourself with obscure creative impressions). He’s focused on the business – to the client.

And one thing I will never forget about him was his interview, it was still a black and white video, that he said “anything is possible”. He is simply a person with faith. I am not sure if he’s a christian or not, but I really admire the way he thinks.

Please see more of quotes here:


Steven Spielberg Masterclass Cinémathèque Française 2 cropped.jpgThe next person that inspires me is a Jew – born to a jewish family by blood and faith.

I’ve read his entire wikipedia biography which amazed me. When he was young, early teens, he had a lot of experiments in videography. I’ll take note of that!

He was blessed to have 8mm camera before, but he used his resources to practice. When he was a teenager he shot adventure movies using his 8mm camera. He’s also a naturally born business man :). He charged admission (25 cents) to his home films (which involved the wrecks he staged with his Lionel train set) while his sister sold popcorn. Isn’t that cute?

“At age thirteen, Spielberg won a prize for a 40-minute war film he titled Escape to Nowhere which was based on a battle in east Africa.” And several more movies he directed at this very early age. Sir Steven also went to school to study film production. He even started as an intern in Universal Studios, unpaid, worked 7 days a week. But the learning is priceless! From then on he continued his film career, directing and producing films, releasing independent films, getting connected to different people that also helped him make his mark.

“In 2002, thirty-five years after starting college, Spielberg finished his degree via independent projects at CSULB, and was awarded a B.A. in Film Production and Electronic Arts with an option in Film/Video Production.”

And the best part is that, he is also a co-founder of Dreamworks movie studio. Dreamworks is a very high end studio that releases high budget films, films that really sell, fun and clean for the whole family! One serious movie I also liked (except all the animated ones) is the AI, Artificial Intelligence 2001 film. I never thought I’d ever gonna watch slow and serious films, until I saw this movie. His direction is marvelous. I really want to see him in person and just tell him how I adore his works! And I also want to listen to what he can share to me about arts and making your dreams come true stuff.

I consider him a legendary artist in this generation too.

Other artists below. I’ll just let you know a little about them and why I liked them:


Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) – Yes, indeed. He’s the reason why we have Marvel Comics today, and why there’s Avengers! Still a jewish guy. He was influenced by books, and heroic movies.

– “American comic book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor, voice actor and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. By the time Lee was in his teens, the family was living in a one-bedroom apartment at 1720 University Avenue in The Bronx. Lee described it as “a third-floor apartment facing out back”, with him and his brother sharing a bedroom and his parents using a foldout couch.”


John Lasseter (toy story, imagineering) – Hey, this is a very influencial man to me! 

He ” is an American animatorfilm directorscreenwriterproducer and the chief creative officer atPixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. He is also currently the Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering.[2]

Honestly, he had a great arts background already. He loves to draw cartoons, and he’s a christian too. Here’s his breakthrough:

“While in high school, he read The Art of Animation by Bob Thomas. The book covered the history of Disney animation and the making of a book about Sleeping Beauty, which made Lasseter realize he wanted to do animation himself. When he saw Disney’s 1963 film The Sword in the Stone, he finally made the decision that he should become an animator.”


Glen Keane (tangled, old disney 2d animated films) – Highlights:

“is an American animator, author and illustrator. Keane is best known for his character animation at Walt Disney Studios for feature films including The Little MermaidAladdinBeauty and the BeastTarzan, and Tangled. Keane received the 1992 Annie Award for character animation and the 2007 Winsor McCay Award for lifetime contribution to the field of animation.

Keane was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of cartoonist Bil Keane, creator of the The Family Circus, and Thelma “Thel” Carne Keane. He was raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Keane’s interest in art developed as a child by observing his father’s work as a cartoonist.”

So basically he was so blessed to have a strong background in arts since his father was a cartoonist. But you see, he also went to school of art and studied really hard. He pursued studying arts in a university, and cancelled his football scholarship. This is a huge decision to make. Anyways, after school here’s what’s interesting: “In a lucky twist of fate, his application was accidentally sent to the Program in Experimental Animation (then called Film Graphics), where he was mentored under the now-renowned animation teacher Jules Engel.[1]


Ricky Nierva – monsters inc art director/Production 

Check out the website, you’ll see him there as a character designer for monsters U and Inc.

“started at Pixar in the story department on Toy Story 2 in 1997. Since then he has worked onMonsters, Inc.Finding Nemo and led the production design on Up. Nierva was born in San Diego.[1]

I wasn’t able to find his complete bio online. Once I found them, I’ll update you guys.

Anyways, the reason why I’m interested in this guy is because he is a Filipino. This has opened my heart to more possibilities, (basically, not a possiblity but instead destiny that will bring me there), more chances of getting out there and showing them what I’ve got!

Ronnie Del Carmen at San Diego Comic-Con 2009
Ronnie del Carmen – story supervisor UP

Another Filipino, who also inspires me to pursue my dream – to get there!

He’s the animator for UP, Oscar nominated film.

Ronnie del Carmen is currently working for Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville.  Prior to that he’s worked at Dreamworks and Warner Bros. All in the capacity of story artist, story supervisor, character designer, illustrator and all around pest. There’s documentation that shows he’s been dabbling in comics over the years for DC and Dark Horse among others. He self-publishes his own comic book, Paper Biscuit.

He is maintained by his wife and kids and is not allowed too much peanut butter.”

More about him from wiki:

– is an animation storyboard, story artist and designer. He was recently story supervisor on Pixar’s tenth full-length computer-animated film titled Up and director of its accompanying short film on DVD, Dug’s Special Mission.

Del Carmen has two brothers that also work in the animation; Louie is a story artist at DreamWorks Animation, while Rick (Enrique)[1]works as a storyboard artist and assistant director at Fox Animation.[2]


But being a part of these great and legendary films in pixar, Ronnie did not stop there. He even plans on making his very own film in the future. He is a great role model to follow, and conclusion here is to never stop dreaming!

Nelson Bohol – Disney architecture/cgi artist, designed MU Library

I noticed him when disney/pixar fb page posted a picture of the MU(Monsters University) library, with a quote “Monsters University’s library is called Bohol Hall, named after Filipino-American Pixar artist Nelson Bohol who designed it.” – See more at:


The biggest and brightest lession to learn here is to never stop dreaming, and to never stop dreaming BIG! It’s never impossible to get to the place where you wanted to be, but it takes a lot of courage and faith to constantly become the best that you can be until you get there.

I’ll update you if I have any other inspirations in my art career!

Lastly would be the Nine Old Men of Disney….I’d like to share each of their inspirational life stories, but I don’t think a part of the page is worth it. I’ll make a new blog later that has the Nine Old Men and Mr. Walt Disney!

Credits to for most of the information and picture here.

Credits to the featured image:×1050/free-wallpaper-14.jpg Inspirational people in my art career

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