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Mr. Dwynn Trazo in the House!

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Do you still remember my last post about visual conference?



Mr Dwynn Trazo visited us in USC – TC CAFA Theater, 1:30-4:30 PM 9/5/2013! It was an awesome afternoon because I had the chance to learn something new, updates and fresh ideas!

Here are some of the photos I took. And I am sorry, the quality is really bad. I didn’t really plan on making a blog, so I did not bring my high quality cam. I only had my cute little samsung 1.3 phone cam, and yeah, it was an ordinary thusday school day, so I wasn’t really expecting to make a blog. But after listening, I think it’s better to post here what I learned so that I can share it to you guys! So much talking…here are the pics I took:






I know right? The photos aren’t that nice, or shall I say not really nice at all. 🙂

Oh hey, by the way, I think I was the only first year student who joined, most of the students there are 3rd year and 4th and my seatmate said they are required to join because they will have a plate…which I think is really good for them. They’ll become even better!

And tomorrow 9/6/2013 he’ll continue his lecture. So I think other fine arts advertising students can still join tomorrow. Php 20.00 fee only and you’ll learn something worth a diamond! 🙂

I’ll try my best to summarize what I learned: Here we go….

He said he was jobless for 9 months after graduation. He graduated with flying colors! He is a cum Laude, and also an outstanding student in the class. But like he said, he also did the same plates as we all fine arts-advertising did.


Out of desperation, he entertained a job application as a salesman but did not push through with it anyway.

He worked as a graphic artist for 1 year, then web designer in Bigfoot for 4 years before he was able to get the BIG BREAK…in Dubai!

Take note, the first thing asked by his boss to do at work (In his first job) is to sweep the floor. 🙂 Cool right?

Some highlights of his lecture:

Infographics – conveys story; presents data; Visual communication

50% of our brain learns quickly through visual presentations….80% read infographic than long paragraphs….

LOOK AHEAD – Never forget who you are and what you wanted.


Three basic types of Infographics:

  1. Maps – tells direction; should have unit of measurement
  2. Charts – Elements should have different interesting topics; If pie chart, you can start the biggest part from left to right or you could start by showing the first 2/3 biggest parts of the chart.
  3. Diagrams – Size of comparison of objects should be the same/equal; we can use guide numbers; the colors used for the same subject (repeated) should also be consistent; elements not important shouldn’t be highlighted.


How to make solid Infographics:

  • > Plan ahead. We should take the initiative to design, to create. We should have interest in the product we’d like to publish.
  • > Identify the concept and angle of each object or element or as a whole.
  • > Research…research….research. Facts should be accurate!
  • > Identify hierarchy. Identify the main elements, and surround it with interesting bits of information.
  • > Do a lot of sketching. Practice makes perfect! It can help our ideas come out.
  • > Choose the right colors. Colors serve purpose. Every dullness, brightness, contrast and etc. of colors mean something.
  • > Layer information. Combine concept with functionality.
  • > Look to compare. Show comparisons using colors or texts.
  • > Clean up and align. Small details count. Mess disturbs harmony. Look to align things. ALIGN! Free up white space. And remember to always make it look harmonious!
  • > Infographics are meant to be explored. Explore, discover and have FUN!
  • > Take a break, find inspiration. Inspiration can be anywhere.


Anymore updates? I’ll post all the things I learned here….and please let me know if you have any other updates about graphic design….post your comments below and share your thoughts!

And lastly, Mr. Dwynn’s website is not yet ready…I wish I could see some of his other works! So let’s wait for it!

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