Bemmygail is an award-winning illustrator and animator. She produces creative projects targeted for children, and the general audience.

By Bemmygail

Pixel Pintura Workshop with Mr. Joel Chua at UVNS

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Hi guys! I am so blessed to join the pixel pintura workshop this Saturday with Mr. Joel Chua. I actually learned new things, especially the lighting and coloring of your artwork through photoshop. I’ve learned different techniques to make coloring quicker through adobe photoshop. And honestly, it was my first time using adobe photoshop in a MAC environment. It was cool!

I just need to learn drawing through a tablet I guess, we can see the difference of shaky hands using the mouse rather than the pen tablet. But our instructor also said that there are good artists who used mouse only in coloring, so I’ll take note of that and practice, practice, practice!

Mr. Joel Chua was an awesome instructor, and he’s really great, I mean EXPERT in photoshop. I really appreciate his effort and time with us!

We’ve taken photos while receiving our certificates, and I am really glad I have another certificate and learning to use in my future jobs online or local companies! Note: My experience was unforgettable, I’ve got new friends, new network, new knowledge, and a lot of NEW!

SONY DSCI will post my drawings here colored digitally once they’re ready! God bless you, and stay tuned! 😀

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