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The Best Batch Render Queue with GUI

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I’ve been digging the internet for a really nice and easy to use, as well as straight forward GUI render qeue out there, and couldn’t deny the fact that this sweet little SMEDGE render queue is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve used it for about 3-4 months already.

These are the things that I believe smedge has that makes it the best render queue so far:

Yes, as simple as that. Smedge has gui which makes it easier to use than other programs out there that requires you to make another file, it’s so annoying! With smedge, you can simply press buttons and let the program do it’s work. You can leave it there the whole night, and come back reviewing the progress bar!

Because it’s gui is created beautifully, new maya users don’t have to read a bunch of websites to learn how to use it. It’s very straightforward.

Easy to Install
It’s almost the same as saying simple. But seriously, other programs require you to understand it’s sources, and I don’t know which one to download and install. The smedge website has very clear information what to download and where to download.

Yes! This program is free. You only have to purchase a license if you have 3 and up computers using smedge in a network. For professional individuals like me, I use smedge in my personal projects with only 1-2 computers. So there’s really no need to purchase license unless I’m a company.

Do you have the same experience? What’s your favorite renderer? Comment below! And thanks for reading. 😉


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