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Tips from Maestro

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You guys should know Mr. Dan Matutina. I featured him here on on my February 2013 blog, together with the other great and awesome artists/speakers for graphic design conference in SM.

When I heard that he’ll be visiting our school, I made sure to secure my ticket and join. I seriously recorded all his tips last December 11, 2013. It’s like I’m eating a lot of healthy fruits that time, so we made sure we take down notes and we’re also sure we’re going to need his tips in the future.

For the benefit of those who don’t know him yet, he’s just so cool! Please never miss checking his website and his works. – Official site – facebook – you could also visit this site

The best artworks he made (attracted me so much) are the versus-hearts:

He combined the usual villain-hero icons into a heart shape. And I just loved the idea! By the way, he worked in a studio called +63, it’s the area code of PH. 😀

Anyways, let me tell you all what happened to his recent sessions with us at school.

We mostly focused on the “Design Thinking”, how to design something, what’s the process…..

Design – the process of finding solutions to problems, it’s designing a whole system, like scientific method, you follow a process.

  • Think of the actual solution first before the execution.
  • Emphasize the solution first.
  • Design is human centered, collaborative, optimistic and experimental.
  • Part of the design process is to do a lot of research.
  • You also need to observe, and sometimes you have to go to different countries to get more ideas and facts.

IDEO & Frog – these are the two design studios he look up to.

The best part, he shared the main process their studio follows.


  1. Discovery – I have a challenge, how do I approach it? This is the research part.
  2. Interpretation – I learned something. How do I interpret it? This is somehow expounding your ideas and research.
  3. Ideation – I see an opportunity. What do I create? From the information you’ve searched, this is the phase where you start creating an idea.
  4. Experimentation – I have an idea. What do I build it? This is the best part, the trial and error, a lot of talking and experimenting.
  5. Evolution – I tried something new. How do I evolve it? If you’ve built the idea, I think this is the part where you debug it, improve it, make it PERFECT!

We also had the chance to apply what we’ve learned that same day, we are grouped and given a problem to solve. It’s about disaster preparedness problem. It’s just funny because we are first year students joining mostly 3rd and 4th year students, that are preparing for their thesis. We have no idea what to do. Hehe. But anyways, it was a very cool experience. We just listened and watched our groupmates, what they’re talking about, and what they’re doing.

There you go….see the groups?

I hope I could join more lectures from the masters in the future. I need more food to eat!!! 😀

If you have something to suggest, experience to share, don’t hesitate to post them here. Cheers!

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