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Visual Graphic Design Conference February 2013

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February 9, 2013 at 11 AM, was the Visual Graphic Design Conference in SM Cinema 2 Cebu. My much awaited conference this year has finally happened, and today I will be sharing my experience to everyone!

When I came to SM, it hasn’t started yet, and honestly, when there is a new conference like this next time I will surely be first on the line because it was soooo tiring to stand there and wait for the super long line, unless you have some co-workers or friends with you, it wouldn’t be that bad. But seriously, it was a bit frustrating, but anyway, it started officially at 11:30 AM and I am still glad about it.

It did not occupy the whole cinema 2, because the upper part is like maybe only 50%  was occupied, but the lower part is I think full of people.


It was a great experience, and I learned a lot. They have shared new information and updates about graphics, inspiring artworks, and life principles we can use to achieve our dreams.

Let me share to you what happened to the conference and also what I have learned.

As always, a conference will start by introducing what this is all about. The sponsors should be mentioned, what’s gonna happen, and the host will be the one to do this. She was one great host I think, she makes the whole conference wake up, and I think that should be the personality of a host.



So here is the host;of the conference, I just want to tell you that I am not that good with names. So I forgot their names, and wasn’t that confident to chat with them though 😀

Now let me share to you the speakers, and awesome experiences and wisdom they have shared.

The first one was Alduane Maño, he is an illustrator and apparel designer. So he creates designs for the t-shirts. Let me include the information from so that this is complete:

Alduane Mano was born and raised in “The Land of Promise”, Davao City. He is a self-taught graphic artist and illustrator. Alduane finished a degree in Civil Enginuering yet chose to pursue his heart for arts and media. His body of work ranges from posters, cd art to merch design, catering mainly the entertainment and clothing industry. Driven by a desire to uplift and influence this visual generation, Alduane started creating vintage looking – cartoon based artworks for his local and international clientele


I am sorry that the picture isn’t that good and clear. I took this at the very front, I made sure I can sit in the front so that I can understand everything and get so focused on the discussion. The picture above is when the host gave plaques of appreciation to all the speakers – this was the last part. I can’t take photos of the speakers while they’re discussing because it was too dark, only the screen is clear.

Please see their site for their works, or search them on google or facebook. For me, I really searched all these speakers so that I can see the updates of their works, and get inspired everyday!

For Alduane, here is his facebook page:

He showed some awesome, cool, fantastic illustrations. I appreciate his artworks, I think they’re unique and unusual, but as a girl, I think the designs are so masculine. So maybe his clients are mostly males – just a guess. But overall, the designs are unique and very creative. He is definitely a one of a kind artist!

Now let’s move on!



He’s Charles Buenconsejo, and I think he is the weirdest, super unique and creative artist I have ever seen personally. Most artists express who they really are through their artworks, and this guy showed it through his character – what people see – and it completely comes out to all his artworks.

He’s a photographer by the way, and his photos are unique, sometimes I don’t understand why he took those pictures. An example of the picture he took (which I wasn’t able to capture) was a picture of a dead rat on the road. He took it HD, and the rat is so clear and gloomy.  Of course, you all know that I don’t like gloomy, dark, deadly photos. But anyway, he uxpresses who he is through his artworks, and I appreciate that. There are a lot of ways you can express who you really are, and artwork is a great medium.

Let me paste the bio from

Charles Buenconsejo was born in 1984 and hails from the province of Cebu. A painting student in the Certificate of Fine Arts, UP Cebu, he moved on to experiment with photography after his father, also a photographer, introduced him to the gifts of the camera. He currently lives in Manila, dividing his time between personal projects, commercial and magqzine work

To watch his works, please open, you can also try and google his artworks. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find his facebook page, I sure hope I could. I just found his website portfolio with a contact email address, see:


Guys, just click the pictures if you want to see the full sizes alright?

Anyway, here’s Dan Matutina, he’s an illustrator and I find his artworks very impressive and creative. I remember my friends doing doodles on their notebooks when I saw his artworks. I think I should show you an example of his artwork which I find very creative, here’s one:



See what I am talking about? His artworks are, I don’t know, it’s difficult to describe, maybe the perfect adjective here is “speechless”? Hehehe

The artwork is, I think can be described as an illustrated, doodled, image with some noise on it. I don’t know, it’s just very unique, and beautiful. I am amazed!

Dan Matutina is a designer and illustrator whose style is a mix of handmade and digital, clean and dirty, old and modern aesthetics. He loves mixing colors with different textures and shapes to tell a story. He is a co-founder and partner at Plus63 Design Co. His body of work include collaborations with GOOD Magazine, Google Think Quarterly, Mediatemple, WIRED, Rogue Magazine, Droga5 and other tech startups, ad agencies and design studios.

Aside from art and design, his other loves include coffee and turon.

So yes, he can’t speak straight bisaya, because he’s from Leyte. He uses Tagalog, and English when he explained his crafts.

And yes of course, he created his own company/studio, and it was awesome. That’s my dream, to have my own studio as well, with ald the tools inside the room, all the tools you need to use to create what’s in your imagination, that’s what  we always dreamed of as artists. Don’t forget to open his works here: I also followed his twitter account for updates about his artworks.

SONY DSCOf course the fourth speaker, a cinematographer! He’s one of my much awaited speakers, and I really love to hear his experiences and discussion about cinematography.

He’s Don Frasco, and he explained a lot of “nose-bleeding” terms about cinematography to us. I just took pictures of the notes on the screen. Maybe I can share those notes someday, maybe, if I fully understand what this is all about.

One thing I will never forget about his explanation, is that the cinematographer is the one who takes care of the light and exposure, so it’s more on the camera. And the production designer, will be the one to work for the art direction. I thought they’re just the same before, alright, it’s clear now.

He discussed a lot actually, and it wont fit here. So anyway, let me place his bio from

Don Gerardo Frasco is a filmmaker trained in the art and craft of Cinematography. His skills derive from his initial education as a Still Photographer at the International Academy of Film and Television in 2006, and as a Director at the New York Film Academy in 2009. After graduating from the One-Year Filmmaking program, Don interned at XXXXMagazine under fashion photographer Indira Cesarine, shooting fashion videos for the online magazine. His freelance work includes experiences as Director of Photograhy, Gaffer, and Assistant Camera on several shoots. Don returned to the New York Film Academy in 2011 to complete the One-Year Cinematography program, where he became intimately experienced with the RED, 16mm, and 35mm.

Since then, Don has been the Cinematographer for over twenty short films, along with five fashion videos. He was also a creative consultant for John Henri Alston’s feature film, Red Butterfly. Don’s experience as a director has made him peerless in his sensitivity for lighting and camerawork. His cinematography is deeply influenced by the emotions of the characters, which makes his work subjective, unique, and powerful.

By the way, his name sounds so rich, hehe, Don. I added him on facebook as well, maybe I could be updated for more cinematography topics he can share. Don’t know if he accepted me already, but I made sure to follow his public posts anyway.

But here is his main site:

And I think he’s an owner of titay’s in Cebu? Just check out his facebook page and titay’s here: and


Dwynn Trazo – I think this man’s job is probably one of the most challenging artistic job I’ve ever known. Oh my, he discusses what information graphics is all about, and what he does. My goodness, it’s very very challenging and needs lots and lots of brain storming and most especially research and research and research.

Here’s an example of his mind blowing work:



When you open it, well lots of information are there. His job was to make a design in this whole page, that will fit lots and lots of information about the subject. It’s like journalism or essay writing, but the problem here is that you need to create a very intensive design. Which means that all the information are connected to the subject, so you need to create a design that creates connection, trivia, and squeezed specific information into the page. You’ll need to make lots ane lots of analyzing. I am amazed by every pages he showed on the conference, he was like a teacher to the kids about, well very broad topics!

Anyway, here’s more info about him:

Dwynn Trazo holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of San Carlos, graduating Cum Laude in 2001. He started as a Graphic Artist at Creatron (2001-2002) early in his career, then moved on to become Creative Supervisor at Bigfoot Global Solutions, Inc. maintaining various websites while briefly immersing himself in 3D projects.

In 2006, he accepted a position at Dubai-based media giant, Gulf News, as an Infographic Designer. It proved to be his best decision career-wise. Six years later, Dwynn has received 30 international awards and recognitions as visual journalist for Gulf News. That’s 25 Awards of Excellence and 1 Silver Award from SND (Society for News Design), 2 Golds and 1 Silver from WAN-IFRA (Asia Media Awards) and 1 Bronze from Malofiej (the infographic summit). Additionally, 5 of his editorial cartoons have also been recognized and published by the WPC (World Press Cartoon) for four straight years now. His eye for detail and structure, commitment, willingness and sense of leadership are what he considers the main traits that got him the accolades.

He is also a part-time musician and a lifetime fitness enthusiast.

And unfortunately, I only found one page of him: and I think it wasn’t updated yet. He has a facebook page, it was but I haven’t seen any updates yet. Wish to see some updates about information graphics. But you can find some of his works through google images, so that you’ll see what I am talking about.


The best ice breaker of the day, Harvey Tolibao! Wohoo!

Yes, right, he’s one super noisy, loud, with awesome character artist. I kept laughing when it was his turn. His talent is the very basic of art, and it’s super cool and he focused on it and look where is he now? He’s a great comic illustrator, his works are awesome, as in awesome and jaw-dropping drawings of superheroes, very detailed and you can really sense the years he invested in mastering the craft. He’s amazing, that’s all I can say.

You know what? He already worked in Marvel, and DC comics, all his hard work is paid off. He said he is from Mindanao, and asked his father, also an artist, that he wanted to go to Cebu because he believed that Cebu is the place for comic artists. He was a scholar in DOST and took IT in college, but still pursued drawing!

Harvey Montecillo Tolibao hails from Malaybalay, Bukidnon. He studied Information Technology and held various jobs including furniture designer, cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator, web designer, tattoo artist and messenger, but he was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a comic book artist.

In 2007, Marvel gave him his big break on the Iron Man Annual. Since then he has been working as a freelance artist for Marvel Comics and is popularly known for his mini-series in collaboration with Christopher Yost in “Psyloc{e”, “X-Men: Hellbound”, “Uncanny X-Men” and variant covers for Heroes For Hire. In 2011, he worked on “Star Wars Knights of the Republic” and “New Guardians” in the Green Lantern series. In 2012, DC had a deck shuffling and created a new team which gave him the chance to work on the Green Arrow series with writer Ann Nocenti.

Here’s his facebook, you’ll see some of his amazing artworks here:


And the last but not the least, the animator! Gem Cadiz –  This is what I’ve been waiting for! He has an awesome, amazing skills in animation. And he showed us lots of videos of his reel, they are all super cool. I didn’t know that a movie could have a 370TB size in a hard drive! I didn’t understand some of the terms he used actually, like the shots, number of shots made in a sequence,  I don’t quite understand those stuff yet. But I think I am familiar with the terms he used when he explained something about the use of Autodesk software and the cloth simulation. He uses 3ds Max in his reel, and the results were awesome.

The main thing asked by Singapore company ILM from him to work for transformers, was the use of cloth, he showed us his example, it was a girl dancing in pink Japanese dress. It was really great, and like I was just staring at the screen for his whole discussion, like….oohhh myy goooddnees! He rocks!

“Gem Cadiz is a Creature Technical Director for Industrial Light and Magic under Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. He started doing 3d animations as a hobby back in 2004 and got his first job as a junior video editor in 2005. He then became a 3d generalist and got into infomercial work for 2 years and about a year and a half in architectural visualization as well. He’s been with Lucasfilm Singapore ever since he got into the Jedi Masters Program back in 2009 as a Creature Dev apprentice. He has had the privilege to work on great projects such as Rango, Transformers: 3 (Dark of the Moon), Transformers 3 The Ride (Universal Studios Singapore), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (anamated TV series), and more recently Pacific Rim.

Here’s his facebook page: and of course his IMDB:


And here they are, the 7 speakers who helped us grow in our crafts as artists. We have the chance to ask questions, and the best question will be chosen to receive t-shirts from the sponsors.

I did not ask any question, hehe, I just can’t think of any question yet because I was amazed by their lives and stories.

Also, after every speaker, there is a raffle, and I wasn’t chosen and did not get any t-shirts 🙁 and what’s so frustrating is that the last raffle prize will be a bamboo tablet) huhuhu, I know right?

Anyway, University of the Visayas, the sponsor of this event showcased their  new school called the “New Media and Design School”, they even showed pictures of the environment where students will be learning and get inspired with the fun environment. They also explained to us that they are opening 1 year diploma for graphics, 30k, 3 months basics and focusing on the major graphic learning for 60k, and a 1 month intensive training for 15k.

They discussed the advantages about taking courses from their new school, one is –  no more minor subjects! I think that is s cool.

I have learned a lot because of this conference. One great thing that I’ll highlight would be the saying by Dwynn “Everything is DESIGNED”. Harvey also told us that, money will never be an issue about reaching your dreams. Another inspiring words from Alduane is that, we should be humble and accept;criticisms, but at all times we should be very prepared because opportunities and chances will just show up anytime.

And lastly, we should also make sure to surround ourselves with people that are better than us 🙂

I guess that is all for today. We received some brochures, on this little bag from the conference, and there are other information from this brochure. I might be adding this information later.

So there, it ended 7 PM.

Make sure to check their site for the sponsors okay?



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