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Zalora Product Reviews Long Sleeve Smock Blouse and Bodicea Blouse

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Hey guys, here’s my Zalora Product Reviews post for long sleeve smock blouse and Bodicea blouse. I hope it’ll help you in deciding to buy clothes from zalora too.

I just got my new zalora blouses and they’re really awesome. I had a little problem, but it was taken cared of immediately. One of the items I received is wrong, and it wasn’t my fault. I emailed zalora and they responded quickly shipping the right one and having me keep the wrong item. That was very satisfying. It would be a hassle to return the wrong item even though it wasn’t your fault. I also liked their shipping time because it was very quick!

My First item for Zalora Product Reviews

This is the first item I received: Zalora

Zalora Product Reviews Name: Long Sleeve Smock Blouse
ID: CR520AA26GQRPH-465597
Quantity: 1


Zalora Product ReviewsZalora Product ReviewsZalora Product Reviews


I so love the cloth, it’s very light, thick and smooth. The design makes me look fairer and skinnier. It feels so good to wear. I know I don’t look fat, and ugly when wearing this. And I think this blouse is perfect when you pair it with jeans, or even office skirts. It looks very decent and neat because of it’s 3/4 sleeves, and warm color.

My Second item for Zalora Product Reviews

And here’s the second one:

Zalora Product Reviews Name: Bodicea Blouse
ID: F1525AA14JCRPH-377216
Quantity: 1


Zalora Product ReviewsZalora Product ReviewsZalora Product Reviews


This is also good for office, or important events because it’s neat and decent. I loved the cloth too, it’s warm and thicker than the first one. When you’re in a hot place, you will surely going to sweat!

I also loved the design, although sometimes it makes me look fat. But because it’s a dark color, it somehow manages to make me look fairer. At least, you can forget about being chubby with that. I really like the color. It pops when you take a photo!

All are small sizes. I so love the convenience buying online, and paying when the items are already on your doorstep! They have Cash on delivery option. And the shipping was so fast. The advertised shipping time is 5-7 days to provinces, but it only took them 2-3 days to deliver these items to me. That’s better than using ebay, honestly. 🙂

All their items are branded too, so you won’t worry too much about the quality. It saves you time and energy buying online rather than going to the mall and shop. It would be very hassle, and a bit expensive because of the fair and food!

More Zalora Product Reviews in the future. Do you have any zalora experience too? Share them below!

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