Marketing Manager


Highly skilled professional with expertise in digital marketing, art direction, e-commerce management, customer service, animation, and entrepreneurship. Recognized globally for exceptional communication, creativity and leadership abilities. Successful track record in running an animation studio and delivering high-quality work for global clients. Continuously upgrading skills and education. Strong proficiency in digital marketing and website management. Passionate about excellence and staying up-to-date with industry trends.


Feb 2017 – Present · 6 yrs 5 mos
• Led award-winning animation studio, creating exceptional products for children.
• Completed 430+ successful projects, collaborating globally.
• Fostered strong client relationships, ensuring long-term collaborations.
• Recognized for industry excellence and accolades.
• Managed end-to-end project delivery, meeting deadlines and budgets.
• Stayed updated with industry trends, incorporating innovative techniques.
• Implemented effective marketing strategies, driving business growth.
• Handled multiple projects with high quality and attention to detail.
• Managed studio operations, finances, sales, marketing, client communication.

Sep 2023 – Present 

Visual Graphic Design Instructor: Experienced in teaching industry-standard design software including Photoshop and Illustrator. Proficient in imparting animation skills using tools like After Effects and Autodesk Maya. Committed to fostering creativity and equipping students with essential design expertise.

Dec 2022 – Present
J Centre Mall, Mandaue City
Guest Speaker for Annual Otaku Fest 2022 at J Centre Mall

• Spoke to youth, animation enthusiasts, and fellow artists about my career as an animator and producer of PlayfulSparks Production BDP
• Shared my insights on the animation industry and the importance of creativity
• Inspired and motivated the audience to pursue their dreams

Mar 2013 – Feb 2017 · 4 yrs​

• Sales and Marketing Specialist leveraging social media and digital marketing strategies for business growth.
• Skilled in crafting compelling project proposals and effective negotiation techniques.
• 10 years of experience as a freelance Illustrator, bringing imagination to life through captivating visuals.
• Collaborated globally, creating illustrations that convey stories, emotions, and concepts.
• Specialized in character, environment, and book illustrations that engage and capture project essence.
• Strong art direction skills, exceeding client expectations with vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail.
• Integrated artistic creativity with sales and marketing strategies, expanding client reach and securing projects.

Jan 2012 – Feb 2017 · 5 yrs 2 mos​

• Art Director with 11 years of freelance artistic experience across diverse mediums.
• Established a personal website and portfolio as a platform for showcasing work and sharing insights.
• Demonstrated versatility and growth in traditional and digital art, embracing continuous learning.
• Managed online presence, connecting with art enthusiasts, collaborators, and potential clients.
• Expanded reach and impact through online platforms, engaging with diverse audiences.
• Built a strong artistic brand and reputation, consistently delivering high-quality work.
• Led teams and collaborated with clients to exceed expectations in creative projects.
• Incorporated innovative techniques and stayed updated with industry trends.
• Actively networked and pursued professional development for ongoing artistic growth.

Dec 2022 – May 2023 · 6 mos

• Managed a 3.6 Million grant from the Asian Development Bank to fund skills training for artists in the city, as part of a 13-enterprise network.
• This is part of UNESCO’s 30 Billion Project for the city.
• Collaborated with network members to plan and execute the training program, including approving funds, managing financial transactions, and providing regular updates to the Lead enterprise.
• Demonstrated strong financial management skills to ensure compliance with grant requirements and timely reporting of financial information.

Dec 2017 – Jul 2021 · 3 yrs 8 mos

• Collaborated closely with renowned comic book creator Karen Chen.
• Contributed to diverse creative projects, including comics, books, and 3D
• Played a key role in designing illustrations and creating immersive animations.
• Supported the development of a family theme park in Malaysia –
• Facilitated seamless collaboration through in-person meetings in Singapore.
• Delivered high-quality visual content, aligning with brand objectives.

Feb 2019 – Dec 2019 · 11 mos

• Produced high-quality videos for Asia Pacific GC region.
• Collaborated closely with the team in a hybrid setup.
• Edited and enhanced footage, applied visual effects and motion graphics.
• Ensured seamless transitions and polished final product.
• Actively participated in meetings and discussions at headquarters.
• Contributed to marketing and communication initiatives.
• Supported Johnson and Johnson’s video production with technical skills and
creative vision.

Feb 2017 – Jul 2019 · 2 yrs 6 mos

• Created impactful corporate designs and maintained design assets.
• Collaborated closely with the team to design compelling materials.
• Captured the essence of Lumina Analytics’ services and solutions.
• Attracted and engaged clients through visually appealing designs.
• Gained valuable insights into the corporate data mining industry.
• Contributed to enhancing the company’s visual presence.
• Worked with talented individuals at Lumina Analytics, elevating projects and
reinforcing their reputation as a trusted data-driven solutions provider.

Aug 2016 – Jan 2017 · 6 mos

• Graphic Designer and Animation Supervisor at Kiddo TV | Fashion One, a renowned children’s entertainment company.
• Led a talented team of artists and ensured the delivery of high-quality visual content.
• Actively participated in the creative process, designing and developing the website.
• Created original characters and animated TV series, showcasing artistic skills and attention to detail.
• Contributed to the growth of Kiddo TV | Fashion One and witnessed the impact of our work on children’s entertainment.
• Fostered an environment of innovation and excellence, striving to create memorable and engaging experiences for young viewers.

May 2010 – May 2013 · 3 yrs 1 mo

• Provided exceptional customer experiences to eBay members in North America.
• Resolved issues and inquiries related to buyer and seller transactions.
• Demonstrated excellent communication skills and deep understanding of eBay’s policies – eBay as an eCommerce platform.
• Recognized twice for outstanding performance and commitment to exceptional service.
• Developed strong problem-solving skills and adaptability in a fast-paced environment.
• Contributed to enhancing customer satisfaction on the eBay platform.



International Diploma in 3D Animation and Game Design

2018-2019 (Completed)

Grade: A

Informatics Ambassador and Children’s Activities Coordinator during enrollment in the International Diploma in Game Design and 3D Animation at Informatics Education.
• Assisted in providing guided tours to young children, introducing them to technology and education.
• Organized and facilitated engaging activities for children within the school as the Children’s Activities Coordinator.
• Received a recommendation from professor Hai Kian Loh for dedication, excellent project work, and commitment to continuous learning.
• Eager to learn and determined to achieve success in future endeavors.

Diploma in 3D Animation

Bigfoot Entertainment, Cebu

2015-2016 (Completed)

Grade: A

• Member of CGmeetups and CGsocieties, actively participating in 3D animation forums.
• Pursued an Associate’s degree in 3D Animation at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu.
• Dedicated to mastering the 12 principles of animation and creating captivating films showcased on YouTube.
• Achieved recognition through certificates and selection of films in international film festivals.
• Committed to continuous skill development and creating compelling animations and films.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Advertising Arts

2013-2015 (2 years Completed)

Grade A:

• Studied fine arts, specializing in advertising arts, and developed a profound appreciation for realism.
• Excelled academically and earned recognition through online awards and client projects.
• Completed freelance projects for clients worldwide, receiving accolades for graphic design and being recognized as the top student in Graphics 1.
• Demonstrated dedication to excellence and passion for impactful visual communication.

Diploma in Computer Networking and Telecommunications Technology

2008-2010 (Completed)

Grade : A

• Pursued an Associate’s degree in Computer Networking and Telecommunications Technology at AMA Computer Learning Center.
• Developed comprehensive knowledge of computer hardware and software, with a focus on leveraging technology to simplify people’s lives.
• Engaged in in-depth studies of computer networking and C++ programming.
• Actively participated in extracurricular events such as painting, singing contests, and Photoshop contests.
• Showcased creativity, fostered a spirit of healthy competition, and pursued continuous improvement.
• Recognized as Network Specialist of the Year after graduation, reflecting dedication and expertise in the field.


Issued Jun 2023
Master Digital Marketing Learning Path 
10 hours
Key Insights:
  • How to create effective SEO campaigns
  • How to use social media to reach a wider audience
  • How to create engaging content that drives traffic
  • How to measure the success of your marketing campaigns
LinkedIn Learning
Issued Jun 2023
Career Essentials in Business Analysis by Microsoft and LinkedIn
Learning Path completed by Bemmygail Abanilla
13 hours, 12 courses
Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning
95% Summative Exam Score with mastery in Requirements Gathering, Project Management, and Business Analysis
Exams and certificates issued by prestigious organizations like International Institute of Business Analysis IIBA and Project Management Institute (PMI) and have passed exams certified by National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

Alibaba Global Initiatives

Issued Aug 2022

Credential ID #621


Issued May 2022

Credential ID 2RC PQE FBS

Google certificate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Issued Feb 2021

Credential ID e3643fdea1a14a9a9bca6dfc585230ce

MITx LaunchX Certificate _ edX


Issued by San Mauro Film Festival · May 2018

Associated with International Academy of Film and Television, Cebu
“Fishi”, “The Little Pink Dragon”, “I wish”, and “Spike and Petal” accepted as semi-finalist

Issued by International Open Film Festival New York · Jun 2016

Associated with PlayfulSparks Production BDP
International Open Film Festival (IOFF)
204-17 Hillside Avenue, suite#344, Hollis, NY 11423, USA
New York 11423


Issued by Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne · Nov 2015

Associated with International Academy of Film and Television, Cebu

The Little Pink Dragon, my 3d animated short film has been officially included in the annual Phoenix Film Festival in Melbourne Australia.

Issued by University of San Carlos · Mar 2015

Best in Graphic Design 2015 at Univesrity of San Carlos Cebu College of Architecture and Fine Arts. Bronze Medalist.

Issued by Advisor/Dean · Oct 2013

Associated with University of San Carlos

Issued by Eperformax Contact Centers · Jan 2012

Associated with ePerformax

Issued by Eperformax Contact Centers · Dec 2011

Associated with ePerformax

Issued by AMA Computer Learning Center · Mar 2010


“Bemmygail is an outstanding student who has been developing excellent project works. She has been getting excellent results so far. Her eagerness to learn and hard work will bring her very far in life.”
– Hai Kian Loh

“Bemmygail is phenomenal! She is extremely easy to work with and extremely talented. She’s
intelligent, and easily understands what I need to have done. She pays close attention to all artistic details and her artistic conception is outstanding. Her attitude is phenomenal. I totally enjoy working with her!!!!”

– Caroline Connelly

“Bemmy was unbelievable. Amazing quality of work, excellent ability to take direction and make changes, always available and timely.”

– Tony Wilson

“I am glad to get to work with Bemmygail. The quality of the delivered work is excellent and the deadlines are perfectly met. The communication was clear. The best of everything is the passion I feel she has about her work. I would definitely come back and collaborate with her again.”

– Ahmad Al-Kabbany

“Bemmy has delivered a good job for our project and met our deadline successfully. I would definitely hire her again for any projects ahead.”