Wrapped By Petals My First Ever Children’s Book Published

  Wrapped By Petals Released Good news! My children’s book “Wrapped By Petals” is now live and available on bookstores worldwide. It can be purchased as ebook, kindle, paperback or hardcover. To some bookstores it may not be available yet, but I’ll update this post for all links to where you can buy my book. […]

Red Stone: The First Battle EP 3 – Abduction

It was a mad night, thunder and dark clouds surround the castle where the queen is giving birth. The evil queen is still holding the baby in her arms. She turned her head and looked at the queen without any pity. She then turned to look at the nurses and shared her creepy smirk. It’s […]

Red Stone: The First Battle EP 2 – Childbirth

The sky is now dark, and crickets sing their songs for people and creatures to sleep. The happy king and queen went downstairs. The king is holding his lovely wife’s hand, while the queen picks her orange long dress while they make their steps. Every step brings a sound of their golden pieces of jewelry. […]

Red Stone: The First Battle EP 1 – The Kingdom

One day, near the window on the castle lounge, stands King Durran Kii. A king with great power and rules a kingdom of protectors. King Durran has the ability to magically move so fast from one place to another. Everyone who truly believes it has special abilities. King Durran always wears his necklace with red […]

How to draw human in different positions

I’d love to share some of my current work today. I will show you how I draw a human in any kind of positions. Most people, especially those just starting out with drawing, find it difficult to draw human in any position they want. So here’s my very simple technique for you. I’ll show a […]

Balancing Client Projects and Dream Projects

As a freelance illustrator and animator, I have enough time to think about passive income. And here came an idea out of nothing, that I wish to pursue. I now call it the “dream project” because it feels like the idea is really good, I will enjoy every step of the journey and I think […]

I Left My Day Job And Became an Entrepreneur

Good Bye Day Job Hello Entrepreneur It’s been almost a year since I last worked a normal day job. It is an awesome experience. I have a mix of feeling scared, excited, and joyful. Scared, because I have no idea what’s next, and I feel blind and no control over my future. Excited, because every […]

Self Publishing My Book – What I know so far

Self Publishing My Book What I Know So Far (For Children’s Book) Step 1: Story Have a super amazing story, that even you can fell in love with it! Check self-publishing sites for requirements and sample templates Decide the size of your book Self-publishing sites: Createspace – free to submit, you’ll just pay for a […]

The Future of Red Stone

Hello again everyone! I hope everyone’s having fun checking out my work on my website, and getting the latest updates about my project Red Stone: The First Battle. Before completing the idea of my story, I already have a vision of making this book into a series of books with different subtitles. So let me […]