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Welcome to my education page! Here, you’ll find an overview of my educational background and the valuable learning experiences that have shaped my professional journey.

I have pursued a diverse range of educational opportunities, each contributing to my growth and skill development. From formal degree programs to specialized courses and certifications, my education has provided a strong foundation and equipped me with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in various fields.

Throughout my educational pursuits, I have actively engaged with peers, professors, and industry professionals, fostering collaboration and expanding my network. By immersing myself in a dynamic learning environment, I have gained practical insights and real-world perspectives that have complemented my academic studies.

I have taken part in workshops, attended industry events, and joined relevant forums and societies to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in my areas of focus. This commitment to continuous learning has enabled me to adapt to changing technologies and industry demands, ensuring that I am well-prepared to tackle challenges and contribute effectively to my field.

I invite you to explore the different phases of my educational journey, which include degrees, diplomas, and specialized training. Each experience has played a significant role in shaping my skills, passion, and commitment to excellence.

Thank you for visiting my education page, and I hope that this overview provides you with valuable insights into my educational background and the foundation upon which my professional expertise is built.

University of the Philippines Open University


Informatics Academy Singapore

International Diploma in Game Design and 3D Animation

2018 – 2019 (Completed)

Grade: A
Activities and societies: Informatics Ambassador, Children’s Activities Coordinator

• Informatics Ambassador and Children’s Activities Coordinator during enrollment in the International Diploma in Game Design and 3D Animation at Informatics Education.
• Assisted in providing guided tours to young children, introducing them to technology and education.
• Organized and facilitated engaging activities for children within the school as the Children’s Activities Coordinator.
• Received a recommendation from professor Hai Kian Loh for dedication, excellent project work, and commitment to continuous learning.
• Eager to learn and determined to achieve success in future endeavors.

Skills: Game design · Graphic Design · Product Marketing · Unity · Computer Networking · Project Management

International Academy of Film and Television

2015 – 2016 (Completed)

Grade: A
Activities and societies: CGmeetups and CGsocieties Member, Active Participant in 3D Animation Forums

• Member of CGmeetups and CGsocieties, actively participating in 3D animation forums.
• Pursued an Associate’s degree in 3D Animation at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu.
• Dedicated to mastering the 12 principles of animation and creating captivating films showcased on YouTube.
• Achieved recognition through certificates and selection of films in international film festivals.
• Committed to continuous skill development and creating compelling animations and films.

Skills: Animation · Graphic Design · Digital Marketing · Illustration · Project Management · 3D Animation · Film Festival 

University of San Carlos

2013 – 2015 (2 years completed)

Grade: A
Activities and societies: Actively participated in A3 conferences and photography class photowalks, expanding knowledge and connecting with industry professionals.

• Studied fine arts, specializing in advertising arts, and developed a profound appreciation for realism.
• Excelled academically and earned recognition through online awards and client projects.
• Completed freelance projects for clients worldwide, receiving accolades for graphic design and being recognized as the top student in Graphics 1.
• Demonstrated dedication to excellence and passion for impactful visual communication.

Skills: Graphic Design · Digital Marketing · Branding · Illustration · Product Marketing · Advertising · Project Management

AMA Computer Learning Center

2008 – 2010 (Completed)

Grade: A
Activities and societies: Participated in Poster Making Contest, Singing Contest, and Photoshop Contest, honing my creative skills and showcasing my talents.

• Pursued an Associate’s degree in Computer Networking and Telecommunications Technology at AMA Computer Learning Center.
• Developed comprehensive knowledge of computer hardware and software, with a focus on leveraging technology to simplify people’s lives.
• Engaged in in-depth studies of computer networking and C++ programming.
• Actively participated in extracurricular events such as painting, singing contests, and Photoshop contests.
• Showcased creativity, fostered a spirit of healthy competition, and pursued continuous improvement.
• Recognized as Network Specialist of the Year after graduation, reflecting dedication and expertise in the field.

Skills: Leadership · C++ · Computer Networking · Project Management · Cabling · Network Security · LAN · WAN

Tambis National High School

2004 – 2008

Grade: A
Activities and societies: Activities and Societies: Founder of Extra Curricular Clubs like Glee Club, Dance Club, Math, and other academic clubs.

During my high school years, I developed strong leadership skills by founding and leading various extra-curricular clubs catering to students with extraordinary talents. These clubs included the Glee Club, Dance Club, Math Club, and other academic-focused organizations. Additionally, my consistent dedication to academic excellence earned me the honor of being named Valedictorian of my graduating class.

Skills: Leadership · Project Management

Pilot Elementary School

1998 – 2004

Grade: A
Activities and societies: 3rd Place in School Step Skills Competition (Charcoal Painting) 2003, Participation in “Search for Gifted Child 1998”

During my elementary years at Pilot Elementary School, I consistently achieved excellent academic results, maintaining an A grade throughout. I actively participated in various painting and singing competitions, showcasing my artistic and musical talents. In 2003, I secured 3rd place in the School Step Skills Competition for charcoal painting. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in the esteemed “Search for Gifted Child 1998” event, further fueling my passion for creativity and personal growth.

Skills: Leadership