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I Will Make Book Illustration for Children

Affordable Book Illustration for Children Welcome and thank you for visiting this page. This is your chance to have your dream book come to life with illustrations! I will make you super cute and fabulous book illustration for children at a very affordable price and speedy response. ABOUT THE GIG: Click Read more […]

best render queue

The Best Batch Render Queue with GUI

I’ve been digging the internet for a really nice and easy to use, as well as straight forward GUI render qeue out there, and couldn’t deny the fact that this sweet little SMEDGE render queue is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve used it for about 3-4 months already. These are the things that I…

Becoming a Focused Animator

I’ve been listening to inspirational people lately about achieving your goals in life. One thing that’s really helped me for 7 days in a row already to get so focused on my animation work is using apps about habits and goal setting. I really want to share these apps, and wish that I am able…

Officially an Animation Student

Hi Guys! I am finally an official student at IAFT International Academy of Film and Television! I know right? I’ve been dreaming of learning to create something great. Film is a huge part of learning and influence to the world. Especially those films that are for general audiences. Through fine arts, Read more […]