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Reflections on My First Semester Teaching Experience: Nurturing Minds, Shaping Futures

Embarking on my journey as a teacher at ACLC College of Mandaue, my alma mater, has been nothing short of a profound blessing. As a distinguished graduate of the institution in Computer Networking and Telecommunications Technology back in 2010, I never anticipated finding myself in the role of an educator. However, when the opportunity arose […]

The Tug of War Between Becoming a Family Court Judge and a Corporate Lawyer

happy affectionate family

In a world filled with diverse aspirations, I recently watched the movie “Instant Family,” and it stirred deep emotions within me. The story of children longing for a family touched my heart, making me contemplate the path I should tread – that of a Family Court Judge and a Corporate Lawyer. As a pastor’s child […]

Journey of Personal Growth and Education

Hey there! It’s been a while since I last shared my personal growth and education and also life experiences, but guess what? I’m back, and I’m more excited than ever to embark on this new chapter of my life. Welcome to, the website where I’m building a platform dedicated to showcasing my journey of […]

OtakuFest 2022 Animation Inspirational Message

It was an eventful day! I was invited by Emottoons Studio to share my career story as an animator, and as an owner of Bemmygail Animation Studio, how my career started, my struggles and breakthroughs, and all the exciting things I’ve been through. I’ve shared a glimpse of my career, from the schools I’ve studied, […]