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OtakuFest 2022 Animation Inspirational Message

It was an eventful day!

I was invited by Emottoons Studio to share my career story as an animator, and as an owner of Bemmygail Animation Studio, how my career started, my struggles and breakthroughs, and all the exciting things I’ve been through.

I’ve shared a glimpse of my career, from the schools I’ve studied, the companies I’ve worked with, the projects I’ve made, and all the overwhelming awards and recognitions I’ve earned throughout the years. These all can hopefully inspire you to get better, focus and enjoy learning, and become great Cebuano artists that the country can be proud of!

I’d love to share more whenever given another opportunity. We’re working hard on the studio to provide tutorials and innovative programs for you to learn practical skills that really bring income and growth to your career. Subscribe to our newsletters to receive the latest news, and whenever we may provide our skills and career programs for free soon.

I’d like to take this opportunity to also promote my fellow fantastic studio owners, sir Emot Amodia of Emottoons Studio, Sir Kenneth Garcia of Nextgen Studio, and Sir Jun Berta who does amazing 3D sculpting.

It was a glorious event, and I’m looking forward to more awesome things ahead!

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