Officially an Animation Student

Hi Guys! I am finally an official student at IAFT International Academy of Film and Television! I know right? I’ve been dreaming of learning to create something great. Film is a huge part of learning and influence to the world. Especially those films that are for general audiences. Through fine arts, Read more […]


Complete Guide: How to be an Online Freelancer?

Freelancer Intro: There are different ways that you can earn independently through freelancing. Connections through friends, word of mouth, are just some examples of freelancing. But online freelancing is on the top of all freelancing styles! Why? Because the world is changing, and the only important Read more […]

Purple and Pink Day – Haziel Fashion

Hello fashionistas, photographers, and digital artists! Here’s a very quick photoshoot on the road with my friend Haziel! I know, her name is cute and has a unique spelling. But anyway, check out the colors of the picture, check out the clarity, the blur, and of course check out the fashion, glamour Read more […]

Understanding Layers In Adobe Photoshop – Basic I

Hi everyone! I know that if you have a desire about designing, you are really eager to learn the tools used to create fantastic designs. When I was in high school, I leaned photoshop. But I did not have any internet that time, and only had pure program, no researching included. I always open adobe…