Girl Reading the Bible Digital Painting

Girl Reading Bible Digital Painting with SAI and Photoshop

The Making of Girl Reading Bible Painting Hello again! I made a new artwork using the things I’ve learned recently. First, I want my work to look like anime, a chibi, or anything cute, then I want the colors to pop out and look very saturated. So I used contrast, then I also used proper lightings Read more […]

I will Sing for Jesus – Jesus is Alive Wallpaper

  Download Full Size I am very much inspired with music and the DSLR image creating this wallpaper. The colors, they’re stunning. The background is just a stock picture, but then added with the lights, and  people below – it looks completely awesome for me! It also reminds me of Brooke Fraser Read more […]

Light Up the Sky Chorus

Light Up the Sky Wallpaper – The Afters

  I fell in love with this song. I am inspired to create a new wallpaper for this. It’s a wonderful christian music that you can listen anytime. Download it or buy from the afters, or check out their site The wallpaper is an ordinary shot using digital camera easyshare Read more […]

Welcome Home You by Brian Littrell

Welcome Home You – Brian Littrell – Music Video w/ Lyrics featuring Cebu, Philippines Amazing Views

Check this amazing video posted on Youtube from my Official Youtube Channel. We have a lot of pictures in Cebu, and it is really nice, just added some effects and enhanced the colors, the pictures look great now! Then of course, I used a very wonderful song by Brian Littrell, Welcome Home You. Check Read…

Equip: Million Leaders Mandate

Leadership Wallpaper. I went to the EQUIP MILLION LEADERS MANDATE last Thursday afternoon. This wallpaper is inspired by the word of God and the things I learned. Becoming a leader is difficult, but with God’s grace it is easy as long as you fully submit yourself to God and desire to be a leader. “Trust Read more […]

Obedience Wallpaper

Abiding Traffic Rules – Job 36:11 Obedience Wallpaper

Inspired by Traffic Rules. Job 36:11 “If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.” (NIV) Anyone who doubts about a rule, pray and seek God’s guidance. Desire to be righteous for the glory of the Lord! We live for Him, the Read…