Zalora 3/4 Blouse in formal Attire – Outdoor Photoshoot

Alright, my blue 3/4 blouse from Zalora is really  flexible. It can be kikay style, it can also be used for formal attire. Where I work, we are usually asked to dress up especially Mondays. So I think the blue and black looks perfect. High-waisted pants look really formal, elegant and very decent. It Read…

Purple and Pink Day – Haziel Fashion

Hello fashionistas, photographers, and digital artists! Here’s a very quick photoshoot on the road with my friend Haziel! I know, her name is cute and has a unique spelling. But anyway, check out the colors of the picture, check out the clarity, the blur, and of course check out the fashion, glamour Read more […]

Choco Light – Fashion and Glamour Photoshoot with Stela

All auto modes, then edited with camera raw and adobe photoshop. Fashion and Glamour Photoshoot Model: Stela Quilaton Camera: Sony Alpha a55 Settings: Auto Mode Edited: Photoshop lightings, clearing imperfections. I haven’t started formal photoshoot with manual modes. Will make more Read more […]