Photography Tips 101 – With Portrait Photos!

[ ATTRIBUTE: Please check: to find out how to attribute this image ] We had a great session with my photography teacher last Monday. His name is Mr. Bien Fernandez. He shared so many things in photography! So I’m gonna try and share the photography Read more […]

The Basics of Adobe Photoshop – Layers – Changing a background

Here we are going to discuss about the very basic of adobe Photoshop, and I am going to tell you the useful things we can do with each of the options available. First we are going to study the layers. These are all very basic, so I hope you will learn from here. To start, let…

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper – Edited in Adobe Photoshop Personalized

Download Full Size Introducing my first Wallpaper for December 2011! It really rocks. It looks really mine, hehe, but let me tell you the secret.   I am really enjoying this Wallpaper. It’s the body of Miley Cyrus, and the real  wallpaper is this one: Big difference, hehe, I took off Read more […]

A Look Just Like Miley Cyrus – Wallpaper Edited Using Adobe

Download Full Size Hi gals, I saw a really nice picture of Miley Cyrus, and I really want t buy the clothes, but you know it is really difficult to find this nice dress. Maybe we need to create one, that is tough! Well anyway, here is the picture of Miley Cyrus: Isn’t it nice,…

Understanding Layers In Adobe Photoshop – Basic I

Hi everyone! I know that if you have a desire about designing, you are really eager to learn the tools used to create fantastic designs. When I was in high school, I leaned photoshop. But I did not have any internet that time, and only had pure program, no researching included. I always open adobe…